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samsung galaxy S2 Flash and reset to repair boot

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download firmware from sammbile : http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/database/GT-I9100/

chose thecountry and download

If your Samsung phone / tablet experiencing issues such as boot loop, wont start, keeps restarting, black screen, blank display, blue flashing light, totally dead, wont charge, gets stuck at Android guy, only lights up or just vibrates?

Well try all these steps I have outlines but please note I tried to fit in all Samsung phones and tablets so you will not be able to preform all the steps or some of the steps may require you to do some slightly different for example accessing the System Recovery Option. Get yor master card for free and earn 25$ for free : http://share.payoneer-affiliates.com/v2/share/6169242341171628490

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