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How to unbrick an HTC device and install the Stock ROM [HD]

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Make sure you're battery is not lower than 30%! If you're battery will get empty during the installation, you may get hard-bricked. You're device should be able to get into HBOOT.

First of all, make sure your bootloader is locked! It will not work if your bootloader is unlocked! BTW, this will only work for you when your device is soft-bricked, when your device is hard-bricked you can't even get to the fastboot menu.


RUU files: http://adf.ly/3726088/primoruu

and: http://htcfamily.ru/index/baza_ruu/0-14

Fastboot files: http://adf.ly/3726088/fastbootroot

HTC One V Drivers: http://adf.ly/3726088/htcdrivers

All-in-one kit: http://adf.ly/3726088/all-in-onekit

Unlock and root: http://adf.ly/3726088/xda

My website: http://mazahaka.ucoz.net



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