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How To UnRoot / UnBrick / Flash your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 / II STOCK!

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How To UnRoot / UnBrick / Flash your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 / II STOCK!

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NEW LINK: http://goo.gl/DTaSA

These were the original, but no longer work!

XDA Thread: http://goo.gl/H0Jhz

SXTP Thread: http://goo.gl/tUkge

Download Odin: http://d-h.st/TZN

Download 7zip: http://goo.gl/pL6x2

How To Root: http://goo.gl/vjZf6

Triangle Away: http://goo.gl/VkHKL

http://bit.ly/U2ddC4 He was just trying to help other people, but ALL of my links across hundreds of videos will stop working if links to my mirror are shared directly. Please link them to this video instead.

This tar will bring you to the LATEST MC2!

SPH-L900 MC2 Stock Tar: http://goo.gl/aFsXU

MD5: e0b875c9fcaa5194e6300bc979f8ec09

LJ1 is now old, and I recommend the link above!

THIS MIRROR does NOT need extracted!

SPH-L900 LJ1 Stock Tar: http://goo.gl/2A13c

MD5: 7f3a082b0f60699241b4c312156820ab

Thank Sextape for the Stock tar, not me.

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