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FIX! Android Phone Wont BOOT! Black Screen Blinking Red Light Get Fixed!!

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-Flashing Red Light While Charging, Won't Turn On At All!


"My phone was at a very low battery level and when I had put it to charge the phone turned off and then the red light continued to blink. For about an hour the phone kept on turning on and off while the red light continued to blink. After a while it didn't turn on at all. I connected it to Blackberry Link and tried to reset it to factory settings but the process kept on stopping because the phone wasn't able to stay connected to the computer. After a while the whole process failed and the phone hasn't turned on since. If the phone is connected to a charger the red light blinks but otherwise I can't do anything with it.

HELP! What can I do to bring it back to life? "

Perform a Factory Reset From Recovery Mode

If your Android device appears to power on and boot up normally, but a problem occurs — maybe the boot process fails, the device freezes, or it immediately reboots or shuts off — there may be a problem with your device’s software. In this case, long-pressing its power button or charging it won’t help. These methods only help you fix a device that won’t respond at all.

There’s a hidden way to perform a factory reset of your Android device when it isn’t booting properly. Note that this will erase the contents of your Android device, resetting it back to its default state. This method should only be used in a worst case scenario when your device is unusable due to crashing or freezing software, as you’ll lose everything that isn’t synced to online services.

First, you’ll need to access your device’s recovery mode. Turn the device off completely, then boot it up with one of the following button combinations:

Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.

Hold Volume Up + Home + Power.

Hold Home + Power.

Hold Volume Up + Camera.

This will vary from device to device. If none of these combinations work, try performing a Google search with the name of your device and “recovery mode” to find the correct key combination for your device.

The device will boot to a screen with an Android and an open chest panel if you’re successful. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons until the Recovery mode option appears on the screen. Press the Power button and your device will reboot into recovery mode.


Hold Power and tap Volume Up. Select the wipe data/factory reset option with the Volume Up and Volume Down keys and tap Power. Select the Yes option and tap Power to continue.

"This will be my second time my phone shut off on me. First, I bought my phone this March of 2014, I had it sent in May 6, because it just turned off and would not turn back on, ZTE fixed it, yet never told me what was the actual problem. and my phone was not dead, it was actually 80%.I put my phone on the car charger, then once I got to my destination which was about 10min. my phone would not turn on. Fast forward to today June 4, my phone was fine from 10-4pm.On my way to my second job,my phone was going dead, so I put it(phone) on the charger along with the GPS on.My phone was working ok with a signal lost,at times but for the most part it was working properly.All of a sudden, I didn't hear my phone speaking so I checked,and notice it would not turn on. LED light did not come on.So my first intentions is that it was the battery since my phone was dead.But what I do know is that once I plug my phone up to a charger,The LED light, signals on.yet that didn't happen, so I kept it charged for a while like 10-20 min, and checked it again, no response. So I did a technique ZTE repair customer advisor asked me to do, which was hold the power, and bottom volume key at the same time,I did that and it didn't work.The first time I sent it in, they didn't charge(bill) me since my phone is still under manufacturer warranty . I really need your help please and thank you. Ps. I have a ZTE Max 950 (boost mobile)."

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