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{Solved}How to get out of htc stuck Logo screen

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Htc wildfire s rom downloads : http://www.filecrop.com/htc-wildfire-s-2.3.5-rom.html

HTC Sync driver download : hhttp://www.htc.com/in/support/news.aspx?p_id=392&p_name=htc-wildfire-s

( On your computer, go to www.htc.com.

Click Support.

Select your phone model.

Available phone software updates and the HTC Sync version compatible with your phone are displayed under Downloads.

Click the Download link for HTC Sync for Brew MP, and then follow the steps on the subsequent page to begin downloading the HTC Sync software.

After download is complete, double-click the HTC Sync installer, and then follow the installation wizard to install HTC Sync on your computer. )

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