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How To Unroot and Flash your HTC One Stock!

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How To Install and Setup the Android SDK!

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That's how you run adb/fastboot commands.

(The platform-tools folder that I was using)

Sprint 3.04.651.2 RUU: http://is.gd/uGnO92

Sprint RUU: http://goo.gl/HtLWH

International RUU: http://goo.gl/pnmEK

There still aren't any RUU's for the AT&T or T-Mobile variants of the HTC One, but I'll check every now and then, and link to them here... If I find them! If you find them, PLEASE tweet me @wwjoshdew with the links! :)

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DISCLAIMER: You are deciding to make these modifications to your device. Nobody BUT YOU is responsible for your actions!

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