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How To Mod Xbox 360 Games With USB

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I hope this tutorial really helped out and i am really sorry for the screen resolution and the quality.


Links: Horison: wemod.com


Step 1 : Go down to Settings and under that you should see System Settings, Press on it

Step 2 : Go to Storage, and plug your usb/flashdrive in.

Step 3 : Select your USB/Flashdrive (dont go into it) and press Y on your controller.

Step 4 : Configure it.

Step 5 : Go into your Hard Drive, Profiles and select your main profile.

Step 6 : Move it into your USB/Flashdrive and hit yes.

Step 7 : Go to My Games and launch the game.

Step 8: Press A when you select your USB/Flashdrive

Step 9: Play it and then save it.

Step 10: Exit the game.

Step 11: Unplug your USB/Flashdrive from the Xbox360, plug it into your Laptop/Computer.

Step 12: Launch Horison .

Step 13: go to Games, open the game foler, drag the save game into the grey box.

Step 14: Go to change and click on your Profile, after that click Mod Package.

Step 15: Just do what ever you want with the game save then press Save 3 times.

Step 16: Unplug your USB/Flashdrive from your Laptop/Computer into your Xbox360

Step 17: Launch the game, make sure you select your USB/Flashdrive.

I hope this video helped you guys add me on Xbox Live so you guys could contact me and ask for some help :)

XboxLive: gbcharlie2003


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