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Beginners Guide: What You Need to Flash a Xbox 360 and How to Set it All Up

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This is a in depth video on what you need in order to successfully flash a Xbox 360's DVD Drive. It will be going over Everything you need, what they come with, how to connect them, and where to begin.

This is the original video! If you see this video anywhere else, by any other User on YouTube, please PM Me. Thanks.


For anyone who may be watching this is 2017 or later, this video is super outdated/old.

There's much newer hardware that you can get.

All you really need to flash your Xbox 360 now is a X360USB Pro v2.

If you have a LiteOn Phat, you still need a Probe.

If you have a LiteOn 16D4S Slim, you'll still need to either do the Kamikaze method, or use a Sputnik Probe.

Depending on if it's a MXIC or Winbond.

If you have a 16D5S or Hitachi Slim, you'll need to RGH your console in order to get the DVD Key, and then install an unlocked PCB.


You can get the X360USB Pro v2 here:


You can get the LiteOn Phat Probe here:


You can get the Slim 16D4S Probe Here - Only Works on MXIC.


If you have a Winbond, you'll need to do the Kamikaze Method:


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