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HTC Hero - How To Flash Stock

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BEST PHONE EVER! http://goo.gl/tRVPb

http://goo.gl/GtTY5 - ALL of my HTC Hero CDMA videos.

http://goo.gl/4eu1B - HTC Sprint Hero MR 2.27.651.6.exe


Use the above link to flash the Sprint Hero ONLY!



Easily Root your HTC Hero CDMA,



People keep having trouble with Cyanogen because they think, "oh, I don't want to wipe my phone. I like all of the apps and etc that I have." Then they get stuck in a boot loop and are forced to erase everything anyways by using this program. So if you listen the first time and follow directions, you will be one of several THOUSAND'S of people that have successfully put a custom rom on their HTC Hero. So this is mainly for all the people that comment and send me tons of messages that go a little like this, "I followed everything in your video (except I didn't wipe because I wanted to keep all of my stuff) and now my phone is stuck in a boot loop. HOW DO I FIX IT?" Well you listen and you select the WIPE option when your in rom manager selecting the rom to install! If I sound harsh, I am very sorry! And to be honest, everyone that ignores directions, SHOULD download the stock htc program, flash their phones stock, and never try rooting again. If you run into problems, ok. You goofed, i have goofed SEVERAL TIMES when it comes to this. Just download this exe and DO LIKE I DID IN THIS VIDEO. To get it in recovery, VOLUME DOWN + POWER. If you can't figure that out, you shouldn't be messing with root in the first place.

If you're on a mobile device, you won't be able to click the annotation at the end!

So click the on the video below, & it will take you to my video on how to root the Hero!


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