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Galaxy Note 5 - How to Unroot or Unbrick

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This is my video tutorial on how to unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by flashing stock firmware to recover from a bootloop of if you just want to go back to stock to get OTA updates...

This tutorial will help you restore your Galaxy Note 5 to stock.

(NOTE: You will loose all your apps and data & this does not reset the Knox counter)

While you will not be able to get your warranty back, but, you will be able to get OTA software updates.

We will shoot a tutorial on how to get the warranty back if/when it becomes available, so stay Subscribed!

Its also worth noting that with this method your the firmware says official instead of custom/modified.



1. Samsung Kies


2. Odin



3. Stock Firmware



Where to buy the Galaxy Note 5

Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/1Ik0xPH

Dual Sim Variant - Merimobiles - http://bit.ly/1LAplHQ


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Google+: http://plus.google.com/+C4ETech

Instagram: http://instagram.com./C4ETech

Website - http://c4etech.com

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