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how to flash gt i7500T

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how to flash gt i7500T


To Be Able To Flash Samsung I7500 Phone you need I7500 Original Downloader and follow this steps:

1- Run Odin program.

2- From Option section check: Reboot – Protect OPS.

3- Now you have to select the software file you will flash the phone with.

4- Click Phone button and specify file such as "i7500XXIXX_PHONE.tar" file.

5- Put the phone into firmware update mode (Press Volume down + OK+Power).

6- Press Detect button and connect the phone to cable.

7- After detecting the phone, "finished detecting COM ports" message is shown.

8- Press START button to start flashing process.

9- Do not touch or remove the phone during the process.

10- When downloading is complete the phone will reboot by itself.

11- Now disconnect the phone and do Full Reset, and you are done.

odin : http://adf.ly/1CUNnu

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