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How To Unroot and Flash your Galaxy S4 to Stock Android 4.2.2 MDC

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***** Android Rooting/Modifying Disclaimer *****

You are making these modifications to your device. You understand that I can't be held responsible if you do not follow directions and brick your device. You are the only person responsible if you brick your device, as you're the one choosing to modify your devices. You are voiding your warranty by rooting, making modifications, and install custom roms. There is a SOFT BRICK where you can recover your device with an RUU, SBF, TAR, or etc. Then there is a HARD BRICK where you can NOT recover your device and have to pay FULL PRICE for a new phone. I encourage you to watch the WHOLE VIDEO before following along and continuing to void your warranty. In most cases you can unvoid your warranty by flashing back to stock, as your carrier (in most cases) will NOT be able to tell you ever modified your device. With HTC, they do put "RELOCKED" on your bootloader, so that's an exception to the rule. With Samsung, they show how many times you've modified your device (a flash counter). You CAN reset it in most cases with Chainfire's TriangleAway app (Click here: http://goo.gl/VkHKL). You have been warned! Rooting (most of the time) is safe and a lot of times, noob proof. But not following directions CAN result in a soft or hard brick. Thank you for listening, if you read all of this!

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