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How to Flash and Update Samsung Galaxy S3 using Z3X Box

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Download mod:


1- Power phone off

2- Pull battery out

3- Hold vol up + vol down

4- While holding vol up + vol down, plug in USB cable into the phone

5- While still holding vol up + vol down, put battery back in

6- Yellow /_\ (triangle, Downloading, Andy shoveling, Do not turn off Target!!! symbol)

You should now be in Download mode.


Hard rest the phone:


1-Remove battery, and put in after 10 seconds.

2-Press Volume up and Home button in the same time.

3-Holding Volume and Home button press Power button for 3 seconds

4-When you will see Recovery menu choose "wipe data/factory reset" using Power button to accept and Volume buttons to navigate.

5-Next accept option "Yes -- delete all user data".

6-After that confirm option "reboot system now"



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