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How to Flash Xbox360 Slim 0225 Drive

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This is me showing you how to change over the pcb and flashing the new firmware.

To others, stop stealing my videos, ive seen atleast 2 now.

In order to flash the xbox360 slim your going to need a PCB replacement (even with the 9504 now i think due to a new dashboard update locking it)

Buy one at ebay or amazon.

Follow my video on how to swap over the PCB and how to flash the xbox360 drive for repair/backups.

Watch my earlier video on how to dump the 0225 key (or any other key).

Thanks to c4eva and everyone else who makes it possible for us all to do what we can do today with hardware and firmware that they provide us.

Im not around often to answer questions, but when i am i will answer it if i can.

Goodluck flashing your slim!

If your wondering why i chose an old game to test with its cause ive been out of modding the 360 for a year now and only just bought my slim in february and just now been able to flash it due to it being released.

The firmware im adding is v1.9, v2.0 will follow shortly when they sucessfully able to load the new XGD3 backups a new copy protection from microsoft.

Is what i done illegal? no, ive taken my key from a console i have bought and using it to repair my console and change something that id like to be changed.

Is downloading games illegal? could be, ive never seen microsoft issuing DMCA takedowns, i plan to own the game i showed anyway soon... maybe :P

Hope all your drives flash ok!

I was asked if it is safe via xbox live: yes it is, just make sure you check your iso's out first with abgx before you burn them.

Can you spoof your drives? 9504 drive with 0225 firmware? yes thats when you add the "0225U" firmware that you find in the provided pack that you download from somewhere. But you will get banned from Live.

Can you play BackOps? yes with the new v1.91 firmware.

Make sure your on latest deshboard before you flash else updating could put you back on stock.

For me flashing back to stock doesnt seem to do anything, it boots dashboard but wont boot retail games just says put into a 360, unless thats what it is for, just safe for updating dashboard when they overwrite firmware themselves.

To find out what drive you have check this site and put your details in http://www.360drives.com/list

v1.92 firmware released 6th september 2011

v2.0 Firmware released 9th October 2011 for Slim Xbox360's

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