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How we fixed error 21 in this iPhone 4

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Все видео пользователя: Leon Stacey.
Просмотров: 467386

http://www.thecomputerroomnottingham.co.uk - 0115 972

1120 Serving Nottingham Derby and

Leicester with parts and repair for iPhone, iPod, pc

and mac of all kinds.

This is showing how we fixed error 21 in this iPhone that was sent to us.

This movie is for showing an example of what The

Computer Room Nottingham can do for any

issues you may have with computers, iphones and ipods.

It was made by Leon Stacey and is no

way a guide of how repairs can be performed by anyone

else and to that end, The Computer Room Nottingham

and Leon Stacey cannot be held responsible for

anything that happens from you undertaking repairs

yourself of any nature. Terms and Conditions of using our

services are at www.thecomputerroomnottingham.co.uk/


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