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Flash Stock Rom WITHOUT Computer!

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This video shows you how to flash a stock rom without using a computer.

Unfortunatley, you still have custom recovery. So you won't be able to take it to sprint. BUT if you get stuck in a boot loot, or mess your phone up, this will help you get it working again.

So you only need a computer for the initial flash of installing custom recovery and then a computer if you want a full stock rom (meaning stock recovery also, so that you can take your phone to sprint)

I goofed. So that's why I used the computer. I had EXT4 and Android 2.2. When I flashed the recovery.rfs, it wouldn't let me get into the console. So I used SWUpgrade to flash stock, then I tried out a new rom that I do not recommend. That's when it let me go into recovery and pick up where I left off...


For all of my videos on the Samsung Transform M920 - http://goo.gl/GGGis

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