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How To Flash Lenovo A3300-GV With SP-Flash-Tool

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How To Flash Lenovo A3300-GV With SP-Flash-Tool



A3300GV_A442_01_43_140826_ROW: http://adf.ly/1TV3bS

SP_Flash_Tool: http://adf.ly/1TV3SD


1. Download the official firmware depending on your device:

A3300GV_A442_01_43_140826_ROW: http://adf.ly/1TV3bS

Click the download icon

2. Extract the downloaded RAR file

3. Don't use the SP Flash Tool and Drivers in the archive. Use the updated versions. SP_Flash_Tool: http://adf.ly/1TV3SD

4. Extract them (unblock the archive - right click the file, then properties, then Unblock at the bottom)

5. Open the Drivers folder, then run Install.bat as admin

6. Wait for it to install (it takes some time)

To load the drivers, press the volume up button of your tab. (DO NOT RELEASE IT). Then connect your tablet to your PC. Wait for the computer to finish installing the drivers for your device. After installing, disconnect your tablet and if it is turned on, turn it off again.

7. After installation, run flash_tool.exe as admin from the SP Flash Tool folder.

8. On the Download Section, click on scatter loading

9. In the box, go to the folder of the firmware, open target_bin, then click MT6582_android_scatter.txt (Our processor is MT8382 but that's okay.)

10. Click the Download button (it doesn't require Internet)

11. After you press download, press the volume up button of your tablet, DO NOT RELEASE IT. Then connect your tab to your PC, you can release the volume up button ONCE SP FLASHTOOL HAS STARTED FLASHING YOUR DEVICE.

12. Flashing takes time, so wait for it. After flashing, disconnect your tab.

13. Clear your /data and /cache first. Boot to recovery (Power + button up button). Press power button again. Navigate by pressing down, and select by pressing up.

14. Choose factory reset, then yes.

15. Boot your tablet. (It takes some minutes.)

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