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iPhone on MetroPCS with 3G

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iPhone flash to metropcs with 3G speeds. No mms yet.

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How to put the PRL inside iPhone:


Please install this repo:


Make sure you choose developer as user type in cydia. If not you will not be able to install openssh.

Go to sources and find insanelyi. Look for and install iFile and Tetherme APN Editing...Make sure you install tetherme apn editing if not the PRL will not stick.

In the tutorial skip to step 4. Download your PRL and rename it to carrier.prl

Start from there. Also don't put the PRL via iFIle. Use either iFunBox or Diskaid to insert it to the phone. Make sure if you have a Sprint iPhone to overwrite these files too with your PRL.

Sprint folder

Zep bundle

Zep D or MD both Zepplin folders with carrier.prl

Then conitune tutorial.

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