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How to Flash an Xbox 360 Slim DG-16D4S Winbond Drive

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Все видео пользователя: MrMario2011.

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.

Quick Jumps


0:00 - Intro/Drive and Flashing Info

7:20 - Software and Firmware Downloads

8:30 - JungleFlasher Setup

11:55 - STEP 1: Reading DVD Key (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)

13:19 - STEP 2: Unlocking DVD Drive

16:34 - STEP 3: Reading Firmware

18:07 - STEP 4: Writing Firmware

19:45 - STEP 5: Re-locking Drive

20:35 - STEP 6: Enjoy :)


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Lite Touch 3.0 Download:


Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider Download:


Pin Counting Guide (Page 7):


Maximus Kamikaze Template:



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Hey what is going on everyone it is me mr. Mario and yes you are looking at the parts I'm going to be using for this tutorial this has been asked for a long time and I finally got another slim to mess around with which was a Trinity motherboard so I will be giving you all a tutorial on how to flash a win bond light on 16 d-4s now first off there are two drives there is the MX IC drive and there is the win bond drive now you might be asking me mr. Mario they're both the same thing they're both light on 16 d-4s drives what are you talking about it's not like it says it on here well first off you need to look right here it's going to say model DG 16 d 4s if you have any other model drive this tutorial is not for you a good way of identifying this first off without opening up your Xbox 360 you need to look at the back of the console and if it has been manufactured anywhere I want to say anytime before August August 2011. That's it then you can flash it if it has a light on Drive now another way of looking at it when you're looking at the top of the system you're going to see a sticker like this right here circular sticker this is the emergency eject if it is yellow it is a light on Drive and if it has been manufactured before August of 2011 it will be a 16 d 4s if it is not you have either a Hitachi Oh 500 or a Hitachi Oh 500 to drive which again this tutorial does not cover one way you could also check it out is I don't have the drive powered right now when you open it up inside here the drive tray is completely just completely smooth on a Hitachi it has a little niche right here but those are the two ways to identify it now when you have your console open there are two types of chipsets there's the MX IC chip set and I'm going to show a picture in the corner there's an MX IC chipset and a win bond chipset the wind bond chipset is harder to do I have done in MX I see successfully but the wind bond is harder to do if I get another MX I see Drive I will show that on camera however first time I did it I didn't show it on camera but this one I do have and it is a wind bond this is the harder exploit to do of the two but it's manageable and I'm going to show you how to do it so what you want to do is once you identify what you have these are the tools you're going to need now not necessarily need these are the ones I use and I'm going to explain why I use them now first off to actually power the drive right here I use the executor ck3 light I use this just because it makes it a lot easier to do now if you have a for molex adapter available you could have one either within your desktop computer if you're flashing with a desktop or if you just don't have one you don't have a spare one or using a laptop you could use a wall adapter for that so I use this to power my drive and a lot of people ask Mario can't you just use your Xbox to power your drive well you can but I'm going to say with these drives you have to power them on and off during the flashing process at least three or four times and just look at the slim right here I have my slim taking apart and as you can see on the slim they barely gave you any room so trust me that this will just get really annoying if you're using only your slim and I really don't recommend it now if you have by chance if you have a spare fat Xbox you could use that don't use it to actually play your games or anything but you could use it as a power source if you have a spare one and you wanting to keep out now again as I said you can use the slim console if you want but I really don't recommend it I really don't recommend it but with that we'll go ahead and move on now second right here I use the x360 USB. Pro which is essentially a SATA to USB adapter now again you might be asking yourselves Mario can't I just use one of these cheap adapters that I get off eBay or Amazon the answer is no you cannot do it don't get me to explain it it's just it's not going to work apparently I've looked online there's some people that have said it will work but it's it's oh no I wouldn't waste my.

Time with it that's why I use this also my motherboard on my desktop is just horrible with flashing so that's why I end up picking up this thing now that's really useful if you have a laptop of sorts but if you have a desktop computer you must hook up your DVD drive to your master SATA port or your SATA 0 port alright you have to hook it up there if you have a prefabricated computer 99% the time it is where your hard drive was hooked up if not it is just going to be to say to zero or the master SATA ports but for this I'm using the x360 USB pro so you could use these tools if you want I flashed several drives but if you want to cheap out again as I said you can just hook it up to your computer straight through the desktop and you can use an Xbox as power Xbox is power if it's a slim I really don't recommend it but for these drives using a SATA is not that bad using a state of port just make sure you have a long enough say that cord for this exploit now for the exploit itself this does why are drilling since it is a win bond so you really can't pick this up anymore I am going to have a link down below in the description where it will show you what pins to mark off and everything but I was able to pick up the Kamikaze template 2.4 it is by Maximus and I use. This and it's great there's some people that say it's a bit controversial some people don't like it honestly I haven't had an issue with it so I have that and then I have this little hand drill right here that I can just screw everything in by hand and it has a 1 millimeter drill bit on here now a point 8 millimeter drill bit is recommended however I have not had any issues with a 1 millimeter drill bit so these are the tools I used if you don't have either of those you could count the pins which I recommend using a ruler and a magnifying glass and a pencil of some kind but you could also use an exacto knife if you have one or I'm not going to picture it here because I really don't want to get it but if you want to use a armed with a small enough tip you could do that as well anyways I will admit right here I do have a previous video that I used on flashing every xbox360 bat Drive and there's a section on there which explains how to set up jungle flasher for your computer right here I'm going to go ahead cut that in and then we're going to get to actually setting up everything on your computer and then flashing over your Drive I'm not going to rerecord that section just do the fact that honestly nothing has changed as long as you have all the form where and you have your software set up properly you should be ready to flash so let's go ahead go over to our computer and set up jungle platter for the first time if you haven't done that yet alright everyone so this is what you're going to need to do so first off now that we have all the hardware underway we're going to go on to get the software underway so first you want to come over here to jungle flasher dotnet and you want to come over to downloads and we're going to be downloading jungle flasher this is the best program that you can use for flashing honestly but right now the latest build is zero point one point nine for beta 320 you're going to just want to download that and you should be good to go next we need the firmware because jungle flasher does not come combined with any firmware so I'm going to have all the download links for these down below just check the links in the description but we're going to want light touch three right here so you're going to want to just pull it off here next we're also going to want light touch three for Hitachi drives if you're doing that and finally if you're on Windows 7 or a 64-bit operating system I'm currently using Windows 7 64 bit professional you're going to want to use drivers signature enforcement override err if you are doing it through direct motherboard hookups if you are using the X 360 USB Pro like I am you will not need this so now that you have everything downloaded I'm going to show you all what to do alright so first off right here I have all these downloaded so we're going to want to go ahead extract our RAR file for jungle flasher and just extract everything so extract light touch 3 for hitachi and then extract latest I extreme now what you want to do is you want to come over to latest I extreme go into firmware right here and grab everything and I'm just going to completely cut it and move it out and then go over jungle flasher firmware and place it in there as it says place firmware here next you want to do the same thing with your Hitachi firmware so you want to come over here grab everything so just cut it and then go back to jungle flasher firmware and paste it in there so now you should have every variant of the firmware on hand and you should be good to go second you want to come over to lib USB copy over this dll file this is all in Jungle flasher and paste it in the root right next to jungle flasher exe second you want to do the same thing with Portillo you're gonna have Portillo 32 and Portillo 64 you want to copy both of these and paste them out here these are going to be also if you are doing the direct motherboard hookup as I said once you have all these you should be able to run jungle flasher like so and you should be good to go now sometimes it takes a little bit to come on but right here it's giving me this err because I haven't disabled my driver signature enforcement override or I haven't enabled it whatever you want to call it but I'm using USB for this so this is irrelevant for me so I really don't care too much okay yeah it likes to bring up some errors sometimes that's because I have nothing hooked up right now on my computer but as you can see this is going to be jungle flash right here I will show you all how to use everything but you should be good to go on this if it runs you should be okay now there's going to be two things I need to mention I'll just exit out there number one if you're flashing your xbox right now go ahead and update your system update to the latest console update available or at least something higher like something in the 15000 series right now the way you can check is you can just go into your system settings and you can check from there and see what kernel version you're running but at the moment right now may 18 2010 203 so you want to update to.

Something like that and you should be good to go because at one point Microsoft ended up reflashing a bunch of drives and they did a whole mess of things with the firmware so just go ahead and be on my level with this and we'll be a okay second before we start this up if you are using 64-bit OS this is what you want to do you want to download this program as I said driver signature enforcement override er version 1.3 B and you want to double click this exe run it and I'm not going to do it here just because I really don't need it but right here you want to hit next you want to hit yes and then you want to hit enable test mode and then from here you're going to hit next and from that you want to restart your computer and when you restart your computer in the corners it's going to say that Windows 7 is running in test mode and it might take a bit longer to boot up out of BIOS however if it says that you're in test mode that means that you were able to flash a drive through Windows 7 64 bit native and you should be good to go alright now when you open up jungle flasher you want to just go ahead cycle it and make sure that your drive is being recognized once it's being recognized like now just go ahead hit slim key in the DVD key 32 tab and say no to unlocking it we only want to get our DVD key off there I am going to say that this right here is the most important part and the easiest part of the process if you screw up at any time after this and you have your DVD key on hand you can just resume this tutorial with another Drive board however if you screw up your drive board somehow and you do not have your key on hand then you will have to reset glitch your system in order to get the DVD key or you're just going to have a fancy DVD player but anyways aside from that just make sure your DVD key is backed up this process will take some time but let's go ahead and wait now once it brings up your key dot bin you are going to want to save that and all the files somewhere important make sure they are saved somewhere where you will remember where they are I would prefer somewhere such as Dropbox or another safe place when this message comes up just go ahead say yes to auto flashing light touch now right now you just have a slim key extract we are going to extract the actual firmware but for now go ahead and save this custom firmware to the file I'm just going to call it custom firmware flash now here's where you might want to relax and take a deep breath we're about to actually flash our drive and do the dangerous part what you want to do is go to M a flash 32 power cycle everything so you make sure it's working and your DVD key is verified and what you want to do is hit intro slash device ID but make sure that when you're doing this if you're using a newer version of jungle flasher make sure where it says at the bottom fat slim or slim to you have slim checked in the radio button now if this comes up you want to go ahead hit yes and you want to power cycle your drive if you're using a ck3 you just power the drive on and off if you're using a Xboxes power you have to unplug and replug the power real quick into the drive now once you have your drive into vendor mode that should be easy enough next we're going to actually focus on unlocking out drive when you have slim checked you want to go ahead and press 0 X 8c and right here you're going to end up hitting yes and from here on out you have to actually go in and drill your drive now right here once you hit yes you're going to start constantly sending over a message that will keep checking to see if your drive has been unlocked or not you do want to pay attention to what's going on in jungle flasher and take your time however if you have sound enabled on your computer and you have a set of speakers turn them up a little bit and you're going to hear a chime once you hit the right point on your drive as soon as you hear that chime you want to back off and stop drilling I'm going to go ahead and show you all the footage right here and speed it up at some part since it's pretty tedious but if it takes you 10 20 even 30 minutes don't worry about it we want to get this right the first time alright everyone well here it is this is the terrifying part now that you have your unlock command being sent to your drive what I did right here is I had my Maximus set up what you want to do is just find the mark I'm using a Maximus what you might want to do is use the picture I'm going to show to find out what lines you need to drill and find the mark to intersects on everything now what you're supposed to do with Maximus is just make that mark like what I did and from there on you could just freehand it but I kind of did a mix of both while I was doing this drive there were most the time I was just doing it without anything and I was just free handing my drill the other time times I did have the template on there you want to make sure that everything is clean while you're drilling so keep blowing on it keep taking breaks and you just want to make sure you're going real slow now what I did was just I just did a jump cut because I was literally drilling this for about ten minutes but near the end what I did I just put the template back on there and started drilling at it now what you want to do is you just want to wait and this is near the end but you just want to wait and you want to listen for this beep sound I'm going to cut out the audio and go ahead and play this this is what you want to be listening to did you all hear.

That sigh of relief yeah that was relief that I was actually able to drill it properly now if you go back to your computer your status should be showing up at 0 X 0 0 that's exactly what we want from here on out all you have to do is power cycle your drive a few times everything else is going to be on the computer so let's just go back to jungle flasher with your now unlocked Drive now if you look at jungle flasher congratulations your SPI status should be 0 X 0 0 what you want to do when you have that is you want to hit read and read over your original firmware while it is still unlocked and in vendor mode this is going to allow you to have the actual original firmware on hand in case anything goes wrong along with the DVD key now this might take some time it does take a bit of time because this process is slow but just let it sit there it looks like jumbo flashers frozen but I promise you it's not.

Now we're going to be greeted with this familiar message again with that vendor intro failed don't worry about this just hit yes and power cycle your drive again from here on out it should continue with its process.

Now right here you should get your original firmware what you want to do is save that yes on this message again to auto load and we're gonna go ahead and save this a second time I'm just going to save over my original custom former that I made but there's not really a big deal with that just go ahead hit yes and save that now we're going to do is we're going to actually write over the custom firmware to our drive which will in turn flash it which is what we want to do what you need to do is hit intro slash device ID now I know you might be thinking we did this already but do it again hit YES on that message power cycle your drive and you should go back into vendor mode this time with an unlocked drive now all you need to do is hit the right button with your firmware loaded and it's going to flash over a custom firmware to your drive again this process will take a little bit so just go ahead and wait.


Now that everything's been written okay congratulations your drive is flashed but we still have a few more steps to go what will you do is relock your drive so again hit intro and hit yes right here and power cycle your drive I know you're probably tired of this by now but trust me it's going to all work out in the end now what you need to do is go ahead hit that button that I just hit with this warning go ahead and hit okay to SPI lock your Drive and it should go from status 0 X 0 0 to 0 x8 see if you. Have that you have successfully relocked your drive you do have to do this if you want to go on xbox live or if you just want a flash console if you have a single land exploited reset glitch system you shouldn't have an issue for what you want to do is hit outro and what I do is hit outro twice so go ahead outro the drive twice to make sure it is fully relocked after that you have a relocked exploited when bond hacked drive congratulations after some work you've already flashed your drive for those of you that still might be nervous with the procedure after watching most if not all this tutorial let me let you in on a little secret this is actually my first time flashing over a win bond drive yes you heard that correctly before this video I had never done a win bond unlock but this is my first ever unlock and I did it on video which made it even more tits now yes I was nervous and at one point I thought I screwed up on a huge level I ended up thinking the drill bit actually went back into my hand drill and I thought that I'd accidentally drilled through the PCB but aside from that it didn't happen it was my own mistake everything was good to go so again as I said it looks very intimidating and trust me it is but once you actually do it and I feel like if you see it done through this video your confidence level will go up a little bit now this does take time this does take patience but you will feel really good and you will breathe a huge sigh of relief the first time you ever do this successfully anyways hope this gets you all sorted this is mr. Mario signing off thank you for watching everyone

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