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Install the software of any android mobile

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For above link you can download a window 8.1.. This software will properly work on it.

What is Piranha Box Cracked?

Piranha Box cracked is basically a software. Which is used to

• Read info of your mobile

• Read the firmware of your mobile phone (mean you can easily make a backup file of your mobile phone which you can easily install again in this mobile or the same model of other mobile)

• Write the firmware(Mean when you made flash file above it is easily install able with this software)

• Format your phone

Install the software of any android mobile


• Unlock your phone security code

• Repair IMEI

• And many more things you can do by using Piranha Box cracked.

based android and small phones. To install the firmware we can not need any device with it. Only we need these things.

• Piranha Box cracked

• MTK or SPD processer based Mobile phone

• USB cable

• Flash file

Which mobiles are used with Piranha Box cracked?

This is used with china mobiles some mobiles companies are given below

1. Q mobile

2. Voice

3. RIVO etc.

These types of companies supported this tools.

How can we use Piranha Box cracked?

• 1st of all download the Piranha Box cracked from the given link below.

• Then check your mobile phone drivers is installed. If not installed then first install the drivers of your mobile phone.

• Then open this file.


• Then select Chinese tool

• Then select on MTK or SPD which processer is used in your phone.

• Power of your phone

• Remove battery

• Click on read info , and below click on USB mode and select cable name USB (cable & mode)

• Click on start.

• Put the battery and connect it with USB cable.

• Then you can see on your screen like this

• IF you want to read flash file of your mobile phone then click on read and again Put the battery and connect it with USB cable.

• Same like this if you want to install the software then click on write.

• Chose .bin file(flash file or software file)

• Then click on start on put the battery of your phone in it and connect your phone with USB cable.

• Then it show starting on screen and after few minutes it can easily install the firm ware of your mobile phone.

For downloading

Piranha Box Cracked(flashing tool for mtk or spd based device)



This video contain on the complete of installing a software , unlock a mobile , and read and write flash file of your mobile..

how to install the software of any mobile.

how to break lock of any mobile

how to restore of any mobile

how to read pattern of any android mobile

how to flash any mobile

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install the software of rivo mobile

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