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How To Flash Android Box SCISHION V88 4K Updated ROM | How To upgrade Android Box

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If Android Box Stuck on logo or giving system problems, Please follow the steps in the video.

Disclaimer please do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device.

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Hey guys my name is lens and this is a tutorial to show you how you can flash your Android box or upgrade your Android box whether the system crash or you obtain some sort of virus or whatsoever so I would like you guys to subscribe to my youtube channel and join the lens Empire so yes what you will be needing you will be needing USB cable like these.

You'll be needing this cable to plug it.

To the Android box and one part to your computer also you will be needed something like this and I'll be showing you why you will be needing this and you will also need the driver for the.

Android box and also the ROM for your.

Android box and you also need the Android tool the first step that you need to do is to install the driver.

Assistant and I'll put the link in the video description you need to install this in which I already installed it so you need to install this after you install this note that even though this. Isn't stuff if there are any other drivers needed to be installed it will install automatically so then you need to acquire the Karakoram for your Android box and you need to look at the version of your Android box which my version is v is eat for key and I have the version.

For that box and also the Android tool and we are going to go and open the Android tool yes.

So regardless of the problem that you're experiencing with your Android box if it is not coming on if it's stuck on an android screen if it's acting up what. Are the keys maybe you will want to erase flash and then you will want to upgrade in this case we are just going to upgrade so what we need to do we need to load in the firmware here so you want.

To press the format button here so you. Press the for my button here and then you look at the ROM ROM is here and then. We open the ROM and you will see the different information being loaded in so.

That is what we're waiting for.

So we are currently waiting yeah with. Infer to be loaded in so the information is now loaded in the next step what.

We're gonna do we're gonna plug up the. Android box to the computer so I want.

You to see that we're gonna use this port at about the backboards right so.

We're gonna use this port here and we. Are also going to hook this up to our computer.

The next step because we want the device to be found the next step we're going to.

Take this matches stick and we are gonna push it down into the AV wool right here.

And we're gonna as you can see the box is on so what we're gonna do we're going to press and hold and when you press and.

Hold you will hear the detection from your computer you will see the USB port. Showing up here and you will see from one Luna device so our Android box is. Now connected to our computer and you will need something like this I recommend you using a matches stick due to the fact that you don't want to break anything inside and you want to press and hold so our Android box is now connected to our computer so we are gonna go now and hit the upgrade button I will just see that if your Android box.

System is in a bad situation way it is not starting up properly it is saying.

Okay like the Android phones this app stopped working on all of these things you can use flash and then upgrade but in this case we are going to upgrade the system and then here we are you can see. The process started and it's going.

And you need to eat until this whole process is finish whatever you do you want to unplug your enjoy box during this system as this can cause your. Device to be brick or unsuitable so I.

Would advise you not to unplug your Android box during this process this currently downloading the form way.

And they should take a while the. Different links you will find the different links in the video description and for your Android box you can always search in google for the ROM file for.

Your Android box ensure that driver is installed and then you can use the Android tool this version is v2 point 35 use the.

Android tool and follow this procedure.

Also you can upgrade your Android box. There are other realms with different Android system this is one we know you can upgrade your Android system for your. Android box it's still going so this.

Would take some time.

I want to do this whirlpool says so that.

You can see what's happening so that you won't get worried as to why tis taken. This long and then you unplug your enjoy box so I'm doing this street as we go.


It seems download firmware 100% and it is no checking the phone way.

If it happens that you're doing this and you miss any of these steps I advise you. To go back and watch the video for any.

Questions and comments you can comment down below in the video description.

So you can see that the device is reset.

And device's success and you can see know that the Android box is now coming. On and back to new device found so what. We're gonna do now we are gonna unplug well USB cable and then we're gonna take.

This now and we're gonna who gets up to our television okay so I'm gonna plug up. The enjoy box now so I'm gonna plug this.

Into the 5v and also the HDMI cable.

So there is it that's the Andrea box that we just flash a while ago we upgraded the system.

I do believe that this would take a while and whatever you do don't panic. Whatsoever because when you upgrade a.

System or you flash an Android system. You would experience something like this where if it is a blue or samsung phone.

You will see that the icon is taking a. While to show up so we are here we are.

Waiting for this Android screen to boot.

Up and for the interface for the Android box to come on so I'm just waiting for.

That and then I'll be showing you the.

New Android system that we just upgraded. This will take a while so I'm gonna pause the video ok so here we are and. Here's the new system that we just upgraded what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna.

Go and install mob Joe using my flash drive and you can download the apk put.

It on your flash drive and then you can.

Just install different apps but what you need to do you will need to go to. Security and you will have to put on unknown source yeah and then we go back and then.

We need to go to my apps apk installer go inside here and then we go to USB.

Disk and then we could down his map join. My flash drive okay we're gonna just install this and after we install this.

We are going to just enter our Wi-Fi password and download the remaining rest apps that we want so this is a tutorial.

All you can flash upgrade your Android.

Box and I would just like you to take the time off to smash that like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel and join the lens Empire yeah.

Okay so this finish installing so we can.

Just select them up jus

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