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How to Format a Computer Using a USB Flash Drive

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This is an instructional video about how to format a computer using a USB flash drive and making it bootable.

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What is up YouTube and in this video I'll be showing you guys how to use your USB Drive to format your computer so the first thing you want to do is you need a four gigabyte USB drive if you want format a computer because the operating system tends to be around that size so once you have your flash drive plug it into your computer which I already have done and then open up command prompt you can do that by clicking on the start button and typing in CMD if you're using Windows 7 or Windows Vista if you're using Windows 8 or Windows XP press the windows key + R which opens up the run program and you can type in CMD there and it does the exact same thing need so once you have command prompt open type in diskpart which opens up another program which is another black screen and you know you're in the right part where when it says disk part we've done that type in list. Disk which shows you the other disks that are connected to your computer so you can tell that disk 1 here is the flash drive because it's 4 gigabytes which is three point nine megabytes it shows so that's 4 gigabytes that's my flash drive that is attached now once you have that type in select disk 1 or whichever disk it is that shows up on your computer most likely it's going to be disk 1 so once you have once you do that it says this one is now selected now once after that you want to click on please or type into clean this at this point it wipes every file on your flash drive so make sure you save the things on your flash drive on to a different computer because I've lost a lot of things that way okay type in create this.

Car succeeded the current partition is.

Marked as active and I've been format FS. Equals NTFS that's the type of file system and it's going to be formatting it for you now this might take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours based on how big your flash drive is I did the same thing with my hard drive and that took three hours because. It's it's a terabyte so I'm going to be.

Back once this formatting is completed.

Okay so we just completed successfully this autoplay option might pop up on on your computer so I'm just going to close that so once your formatting is 100% complete just type in a sign which turns make sure type first which turns the.

Flash drive into local Drive so once I do that successfully assign that close. That again which gives it a letter and. At that point at this point this makes it bootable so if you turn your computer and off on and off and yeah I'm just going to exit here.

Once you turn your computer off and then. Back on again then you're going to be able to boot from the flash drive instead of the computer's hard drive so what I'm going to do now is go to the computer so I've mounted the ISO file of the Windows 7 operating system if you have a CD for it that's absolutely fine just put it into your computer it should look something like this I'm just going to open it up what you want to do is copy everything that's in there so just ctrl click and you'll see sorry then go back then go into removable disk H which.

Is my flash drive and then just paste everything into there and once that's complete you can you can turn your. Computer off turn it back on and then select to boot from the flash drive I'm going to show you a video where I recently formatted this laptop so I'm going to show you the video from there just to show you what it looks like and yeah I'll be right back once you turn your computer off and back on again it should prompt you to press f9 or something like that once you do that this screen should show up and in that screen you can see that f9 it says boot device options and then you press f9 and so you do that this screen.

Should show up or something similar to that where it gives you a list of options for the device you want to boot from use a USB hard drive is what I'm using you once you use that home it.

Should start loading your Windows File and here you should be on your way to format your computer or upgrade it or whatever it is you want to do also if you're thinking of upgrading to Windows 8 I'd suggest it's a bad idea unless you have a computer that has a touchscreen on it or a screen because I did upgrade my current laptop to Windows 8 and regretted it so here I am downgrading it. Again to Windows 7 so thanks for watching I hope this helped and please leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed it Church

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