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How to use a BIOS flasher w/ Test clip to flash BIOS and EEPROM chips in Linux & Windows

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This video walks through assembly of a CH341a SPI BIOS 25xx/24xx series USB programmer with a SOIC8 SOP8 Test clip for solderless reading and writing to flashable IC chips.

This techinque is useful when you have a device with a BIOS that you need to modify, but the device itself does not allow flashing while powered on... i.e. an AMD Ryzen board that doesn't boot, corrupt video card bios (counterfit crashing Nvidia video cards) or a motherboard BIOS with write protection that you'd like to modify (whitelist removal on Lenovo laptops) or a dead TV motherboard that has a messed up bios.

We cover correctly setting up everything, reading flash contents with flashrom on Linux and CH341 programmer software on Windows.

Use at your own risk, if you accidentally erased the contents of your device's flash... you'll need to find a copy of that data from the internet or another working device to get it going again.

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