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How To FIX Apple iPhone Camera BLACK Screen No Flash But Front Camera Works! 10 17 18

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How To FIX Apple iPhone Camera BLACK Screen No Flash But Front Camera Works! 10 17 18

Problem: Apple iPhone front camera works but rear camera have the black screen with no image and flash doesn't come on.

Error Message: \"Flash is Disabled\" - The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.

Tips \u0026 Tricks: This is the only fix on YouTube with different methods.

Designed by Joseph Hung

Outro Designed by Jason


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Hey you - welcome back guys so I know the reason that you guys come here because your Apple iPhone cameras is.

Turning to black issues okay I'm gonna. Go over a couple this tips and tricks on how to fix your Apple iPhones you can. Range from 4s up to 7 8 or even 10 or.

10x or 10x max no XR okay so first of.

All if you want you go ahead and you. Want to go ahead and close your app on your camera app okay for example if you've got your iPhone and you open your app and then it is doing this when you.

Hit the filter it's not doing anything but when you hit the timer you will allow you to change timer and stuff like that and when you hit the flash we will not turn on on to anything and you can.

Scroll video square or whatever but the.

Problem is when your rear camera if you. Try to hit to snap a picture you will not allow you to do anything but when you change to the fun facing camera you will allow you to do so okay so first of.

All I'm going to go to the camera app so.

This this has been fixed already so the problem was if you turn on the front facing camera you would still allow you to take picture and it's not a picture and stuff like that but we turn on that change it to the rear it's gonna give you like a black screen alright so you want to go and then double click your home button or if you have an iPhone 10 you want to hole up and then put your fingers stay up there because there's no home button and then just swipe it up to close it that's number one method and then number. Two method is to switch your camera to front or rear by hitting this switch all.

Right change it to a square or panorama or.

Photo or video see we get any picture. Coming up slow motion time-lapse okay.

And if now we're gonna go to step number three okay step number three is to.

Switch off your voice feature and then.

You want to go ahead and go to your setting then you want to go to general.

You want to go to accessibility and then.

The voice over here looks voice over here so you're going to make sure you turn off the voiceover okay so press on.

To cancel okay so make sure it is off so.

Let's go ahead and then go to number four step if it's still not working for you guys you want to go ahead and power off the phone by pressing your power button or sleep button right here present hold it down okay you know you. Just slide off if you have an iPhone 10 10 s 10 s max 10 are you want to go. Ahead press the power button and either up or down button and press those two button and hold it down and you will get an emergency call and then on top you say slide to power off okay and then you. Just go ahead and do that power off and turn it on hopefully by the time you turn it on your camera app will be working you're not stuck on the black.

Screen okay number of fifth option is.

For you to update the iOS to the latest. Version okay sometimes apples won't not.

Have a some kind of bug make your system of your camera crash and then after you updated your camera would be stopped start working and stuff like that so some you want to go ahead and go to a setting and then go under general and.

Just go click on software update so just.

Click on download and install okay if you a pinko password you want to go ahead and enter that in I'm not going to. Do that for now so since I'm doing the tutorial right now so you could go ahead and do it and then I do that and then.

Another thing is to number seven step is to reset all save setting you will go.

Ahead and then I can go to setting and then general and.

Bottom you wanna go ahead and then click on reset and you could click on reset.

All setting okay and then you will be entering your passcode or your password or your PIN and then after that you gonna reset number seven will be similar.

You go to sitting again and then go to general and this time around your go. Ahead and then reset you want to go ahead and reset network setting okay you click on that in the pin number again and then you want to go ahead and then. Reset all settings I mean then was. Setting this one you'll be losing your Wi-Fi password so you need to read into your Wi-Fi password and stop at that and you might lose all your Bluetooth you need to reset it up again no more either.

Option is to do the same thing go to. Settings General and then reset but you.

Want to make sure you back up your iPhone before you erase all content and settings okay so you ask you okay make.

Sure you back up to iCloud whatever and then you can finish uploading then erase or you race now I'm gonna click on cancel right I be warned did if you.

Click on erase all content and setting you're gonna do so your your apps your.

Email setting everything on your phone will be raised your phone photos videos.

Okay and you don't want to do that and unless it's necessary then I'm a nice to restore your iPhone.

You had to connect this to your PC or. Your MacBook or your iMac and then make sure you backup a copy and then after that you could restore it back all right.

For example I let me tell you guys how I.

Fixed my problem even though if you do know that it's not gonna fix your problem my last resort was about kind of giving.

Up but not yet in give up I using these.

Tools and to go those two pentalobe. Screws okay and pop this screen open I first I kind.

Of do some research online they say take out the screen and it's conveying all those ribbon cable and clean those contacts the middle contacts so I did clean all those they make sure you unplug your very first as you're gonna short-circuit your mainboard and you're gonna zap it okay so what I did was.

Unplug the battery terminal and take out all the ribbon cable for the earpiece the front-facing camera and then the LCD digitizer and then I remove the screen.

Take out that metal plate and then pop up the ripping connectors so I couldn't I kind of like clinging out with alcohol and swipe it out and after that I put it.

Back in a cell that doesn't work so finally I removed a camera I'm going to show you the camera that I have this is a new one at first I thought the camera was bad on the existing phone so this is the.

Aftermarket camera oh just cool yeah all right so what I.

Did was I disconnect that ribbon cable and whatever is on the main board I put some alcohol and swipe it to clean it up and then that did not did the tricks okay so I restore our hard reset and do.

Everything that still did not fix the problem then finally I just come up with. A method myself I'm gonna show you a.

Clip of a video that what I did so what I did was I pop it up there's the battery terminal and then there's an. Another cable that's right there next to the battery terminal that is goes to the speaker wire okay I disconnect that. Speaker wire this is how I fix it so make sure you guys pay attention so after that I put the camera back down and my screen back on everything coming.

Out that ribbon cable so what I did is since I remove the battery cable and then the speaker terminal I connect the.

Battery cable first and then power on.

The iPhone the phone data fix was the iPhone 6s so I power on the phone after. That I pop in the speaker ribbon cable and then I press down to connected I'll make a contact okay and somehow I was letting him pull it up. And then finally I turn on the phone and.

When I turn on the camera it finally.

Works so that hopefully that will fix your camera problem I'm not sure if the camera got stuck in that mall or something because when I put the front-facing camera works and then reverse it just give me that a black screen okay and we pushed up filter.you nothing pop out okay.

So yeah that's how I fixed my camera issues and hopefully this were so solve everybody's problem I know there's a lot of Internet out there or the poor in.

Gluten board people complaining about their phone is not working so after they. Did all those step that I talked to you guys about resetting retrace all the setting or we said they were setting whatever none of those works so that's how I fix my problem and hopefully this will fix yours so please be sure to hit that subscribe button and under perform a vacation or drop in your comments on below if you don't do that you might miss out some secret that I have reveal.

Maybe in the future alright thank you for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video guys I always peace.


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