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How To Exploit 4.84 OFW PS3 Using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 NAND/NOR Flash Writer Tutorial (2019)

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Today's tutorial video I will show you how to exploit your older model PS3 (fat or slim) running 4.84 OFW by using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 flash NAND/NOR flash writer tools. As a bonus, at the end of the video I will show you how to convert to DEX.

I chose to do the Miniweb method because running the ps3xploit.com website thru my PS3 web browser I kept on getting failures, whereas using the Miniweb locally it worked on first try. (profit)

Today's tutorial I will also show you how to dump your flash memory (NOR or NAND) and check it before proceeding with installing custom 4.84 CFW.

For more help and information, please see the psx-place forum for additional information.


NAND or NOR? Go here: https://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/SKU_Mode...

This is important when you are following the tutorial. I am not held liable if you brick your console due to user error!


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These are my tools to create awesome ps3 tutorials let's do this hey guys this is versatile from pride to Phoenix media and today's video tutorial we're gonna showcase how to jailbreak your fat or slim ps3 model that is a older model a gel breakable model in a downgrade able model that can use hfw 4.80 4.2 hybrid firmware so basically what you need ahead of time is make sure that your console is currently running OFW 484 and then we're gonna follow this tutorial which i have a link in the video description to the ps3 exploit and we're gonna be using the nand slash nor flash writer method today I did do some testing earlier today and although that yes you can go to the ps3 exploit com website on your ps3 and try to run the exploit there I for whatever reason on my end had a lot of issues where it just fails the initialization process so in my case we're gonna be showcasing the MIDI web version today and that works much quicker much better for me if for whatever reason the mini web method does not work for you by all means use that ps3 exploit com website method which I'll talk about later in this video tutorial so in terms of the files that we need ahead of time you want to make sure that your ps3 is already updated 4.80 400 fw and this method that were showcasing today only supports these models here basically and you want to make sure that your ps3 version your min ver version is three point five six or lower so I'll showcase a little bit later how that works and then you're also going to need to know is your ps3 and man or nor you more talk about that a little bit later other tools that we're gonna need is of course download the ps3 exploit so you can get certain files and then if you want you can also download the rebug firmware 4.80 4.1 rex. Ahead of time so once you go to their website here go to the bottom click on the directs Edition download that zip file inside the zip file is a text file inside that text file it tells you where to download the firmware and then last but not least we're gonna also download Python and install that because in another page here on the ps3 exploit there is a tool that you can use which is basically the PI checker tool you can download this from github and what this will do is after we gone through and exploited our ps3 before we restart it you want to make sure we had a good dump and a good flash basically so using the py ps3 checker we can make sure that everything is good before you restart your ps3 otherwise you can risk a partial brick okay so what we're on do first is let's do something simple and let's just see if and confirm that the ps3 in question can support a min ver version that is 3.56. Alors so if you have a USB thumb drive plug into your computer while make sure it's format as fat32 so right click go to properties here I am fat32 already but if you want to format it go right click format fat32 default all that stuff say start and you're good to go so on my desktop I have a file called min. Ver check that rar I'm going to extract that to his own folder real quick here and then we have this file called ps3 update pup so I'm going to copy that go to my USB thumbdrive and we'll say ps3 it's the folder inside the folder and make a new subdirectory called update and then paste your file.

Here ok we're good to go and then next what we're gonna do is plug this USB thumb drive into the rightmost part of your ps3 so let's go to my ps3 real quick and showcase how this works ok so let's do this so plug it in right most USB port and let's go to system update and run the file from storage media run it and we can see that my minimum version is 2.70 so with that said let's go straight back to my PC and continue with the rest of the tutorial let's do this alright so we're back on the PC and let's go ahead and follow through with the hf double you 4.80 4.2 so go ahead download it from the website I have a download at a time and what I'm gonna do you is it came as a dot 7z file so I'm gonna go ahead and extract it to its own folder using 7-zip and then we're gonna go copy that file if you want to you can use a program called win md5 and verify that md5 of this file matches the characters and the numbers in this folder name basically I've already done that before I know it's good so I'm not gonna showcase this right now so if we go back to the usb go to ps3 update delete the old updates from the min ver Jack paste a new one and while.

It is going ahead with that process there's one more file that I'm gonna use today and we're gonna use this flash underscore for 8 480 for that hex file copy that and put that on the root of your USB thumb drive where did that file come from you can download that from the main ps3 exploit com website under the flash writer tools basically or what you can also do is if you had downloaded the Norn and writer release inside that package file is that dot hex you can take that out extract it and put that on your USB thumb drive as well so if we go back to the USB thumb drive if we go to ps3 update here we can rename the file so it is just ps3 update dot pop okay we're good to go and we might as well talk about this ahead of time in the video description I will have uploaded a link to my mini web versions of the dumper and the NAND nor writer that's using the latest release otherwise you can also do it on your own basically I went and downloaded the free version of mini web and inside the mini web there's a folder called htdocs in the htdocs delete the original files and then copy and paste your dumper files or your writer files basically so here let me run this ahead of time by right click and run as administrator this is the mini web so allow it through your firewall and after that's done what you do you is just make note of your IP address here and that would be useful later so I'm going to have this running in the background and this will make more sense later in today's video tutorial so to recap what we've done so far is I prepare my ps3 thumb drive I got the hex file on the root and then we have the hfw firmware that's already in the correct ps3 update folder path let's go ahead eject the thumb drive and then plug that thumb drive into the rightmost USB port of your ps3 so with that said let's jump straight into the next portion of this video tutorial let's do this alright so we're back on the ps3 let's go ahead and install this hsw but let me show you what my system from where it looks like right now and it is 4.8 e4 ok so we're gonna go back to system update it's install via storage media we see that says hfw in the prompt here what we just saw so that's excellent and we're just gonna continue with the installation process to help save some time I am editing part of this video so we'll skip ahead in time but really this installation process probably takes oh I don't know a few minutes basically in the background I do have my mini web tool running and we'll showcase how that works basically after this ps3 firmware update is done we're gonna go into the web browser delete all the cookies delete the search history delete the cache set the homepage to blank basically and then we're going to navigate to my IP address of my PC that's in the mini web program and for some reason a mini web program method does not work for your system for whatever reason that's an alternative in the web browser you can type in ps3 exploit com once that webpage loads you can run the flasher tools from the top toolbar it's pretty intuitive and self-explanatory okay so here's the firmware it's just about done ps3 is restarting and let's do this so we go to the system.

Just to double check is still gonna continue to see 4.80 for even though we installed the hfw that's perfectly fine let's go to the web browser and let's clear some stuff here so we're gonna go to tools and.

Let's do the homepage set as a blank page okay and then let's go ahead and clear some other stuff the cookies search history and the cache exit out.

Let's go back in and at this point once we're in we're gonna type in our PC IP address I will have it already from my past and if everything is working correctly with your firewall you'll see this page I know I'm Anor so click on that noir peach and as I look like this at this point click on initialize exploitation and then after that patch. Your door make sure that your USB is in the right most USB port already with that hex file so this will take a while.

But once it's done is going to turn green after that the next thing we're going to do is go back to the PC and I'll show you real quick how to set up to mini web for in a dumper tool because we should probably check the flash memory of the dump make sure it's good before we restart the ps3 otherwise we risk a partial brick so I think we're. Almost done here and momentarily it'll turn green and then we should be ready for a lot of good times if you do want to homebrew programs make sure you go to the store down Parral ChiCom you could download whatever you want there for additional homebrew in the future like multi-man web man retroarch anna cetera alright great so with that said let's go straight back to my pc and let's continue with the rest of this tutorial let's do this okay so we're back on the PC so real quick here here's the mini web that was used for the writer part of it and we see what that looks like so let me just exit that go back and let's run the mini web for my dumper real quick here right click run as administrator okay so we can see here and at the IP address and all that stuff is still the same so let's go back to the ps3 real quick here alright so we're going to do is exit the web browser and go back into it and go back to my PC IP address IP address in the PC is still the same mini web is running the dumper a web page basically and we're gonna be good to go so let's go back to my PC IP address here okay. Now we're gonna select the nor page because I have an or ps3 if you don't know you have a Norn and I'll have a link in the video description you can double check it but afterwards press that first button there for initialize the process and if everything is good you'll see this green text and go ahead and proceed to dump the 16 megabyte nor flash memory to your USB device this will take a little bit so what I will do is fast forward all right great so the.

Nor dump is complete so let's take the USB thumb drive plug into the PC and we will continue with the rest of the toriel on how to check it and make sure everything is good once we make sure there's no errors then we can get the rebug firmware set that up properly restart the ps3 and finish the end of this tutorial and install that cfw so let's go back to the PC and continue let's do this alright so we're back on.

The ps3 this is the results of my mini web when I was using the dumper tool so on my thumb drive and we go back to it real quick here so here's my USB it made this new dump called dump that hacks right so next thing we're gonna do is you haven't done so already make sure you have installed the latest Python for your Windows operating system afterwards let's use the py ps3 checker real quick here so let's right click extract that to his own folder and then inside this folder there's something called drag-and-drop you're dumped here dot bath so I'm just going to take that dump file and just drag and drop it onto the bat and if everything is good everything should say okay no errors at the end if you do have errors then I guess you got to redo the exploit method until you check it and make sure you have zero and zero which is what I have here now what you can do is soon here we can restart the ps3 and install cfw it has to be a 4.80 for cfw do not install anything lower or you will brick your ps3 so we definitely do not want to do that so we're gonna do next here is go back to my folder and I have the rebug 4.80 4.1 rex so let's copy it on the ps3 thumb drive here let's go into the ps3 folder go to the update delete the old update which is the hfw paste the new update after that update has copied over we're gonna rename that file to basically ps3 update dot pup if you are so inclined you can also take the last bunch of characters at the end of that file name as the md5 hash tag and use. The win md5 and checking to make sure that everything is good to go but I know it is so I'm not gonna play around with it so let's go ahead and just rename this real quick here as Reap ps3 up dot.

Pop alright cool so now what we can do is eject the USB thumb drive plug it. Into the rightmost part of your ps3 and we're in the home stretch let's do this alright so what I've done so far is I restarted my ps3 it's booting up we are now getting ready to install the rebug cfw 4.80 4.1 rex so USB right most USB port and.

Let's go to system update and install from storage media to help save some time I will edit out the whole installation process because it's a little bit long and let's just get quicker to the good stuff here okay so.

The process is completed and we see the new rebug wallpaper boot animation that's awesome and here we see we have the new which we'll get to in a second the package manager but let's go to settings real quick here system information we see it is still that for you before and we have the new package manager awesome so I'm just going through the process here I'm basically I'm installed the Reba toolbox within the toolbox I'm just gonna double check some settings here I did have cfw a long time ago so I'm not surprised that a lot of my settings here are already established from before but you can copy my screen if you wish just enabling everything basically QA flag is enabled awesome and since we're on Rex here and a keck system we might as well convert into decks so I'm gonna do is make sure you go to e ID the dump CID root key of course after you have dumped it your ps3 is in a reboot and after your ps3 have finished rebooting then we're gonna go back into the rebug toolbox do two more quick steps there and then your system will be officially Dex why do you wanna be Dex well that's purely optional but if you like to use mod menus for certain games for example then you definitely want to be a Dex console because it makes it easier to use those menus basically so real quick we'll go to the fourth column here rewrite the target ID and then swap the level two kernel system will reboot and you are officially a Dex system so Destiny's video tutorial for ps3 exploit using the mini web method you guys have any nitpicky questions they will comment here on the YouTube page and I'll get back to you soon as possible once again thank you for watching take care bye

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