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Micromax A116 Latest (Android 4.2.1) STOCK ROM Update Benchmark,Performance Review

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Все видео пользователя: Prince Chandela.
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This Video Shows The latest STOCK ROM from Micromax for Canvas HD. The Improvements in this rom are:

1. Android 4.2 Features and Improvements .

2. Huge GRAPHICS BOOST the device can now easily catch 46.5 FPS in Nena Mark 2.

3. Screen Colors are now more vivid and enhanced.

4. OTA support now for further updates of the device no need to visit service center etc stuff the update can be done directly from your device.

5. GPS now locks satellites much faster.

6. Screen Flickering or blacking out for few second has been fixed.

7. MISC other improvements and Bug fixes that i forgot :D


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