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How To Jailbreak A PS3 In 2018!

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How To Jailbreak A PS3 In 2018!

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What's up everybody kept here and today we are going to jailbreak our ps3 and 2018 people would say why would you do that in 2018 because the ps3 is flooded with a library of awesome content that got games brought to it up into recent years so yes in 2018 we are going to jailbreak hour ps3 right after this now.

First things first you're going to want to make sure that your console can do this you're going to want to make sure that your console is able to perform this kind of process and you want to make sure that you have the right console first off and the right firmware so we're pretty much going to be getting some files and one of the files is the min check version tool and that's pretty much we're gonna run it into our ps3 and that's going to tell us if we are able to run this process that I'm going to show you how to do on our system so grab a USB Drive of some sort if you got a thumb stick drive whatever that will work perfectly we're going to need some type of USB Drive some type of hard drive external something to plug into the USB pretty much just have a USB thumb drive and you're good you're going to want to make sure that your thumb drive is a formatted to fat32 or whatever you're using a plug in via USB is formatted at fat32 because that is the only type a format that these systems are going to pick up on so right here on the sheet now my system what I have for my writer and my jumper would be a nor it's an Eleanor so what you would do is just go on to your console and look on the bottom there and on the bottom and back area it's gonna have your console ID number and also it's gonna have the letter followed by the numbers and that would tell you whether you're running NAND or nor I'm running nor so we're gonna be doing it nor style this way if you if that would be the thing to call it but we're gonna be doing this video for Noor if you have nan do the same thing but for NAND and vice-versa so I hope you got that understood and we have the screenshots right up here just find out what system you have so once you have that and you know what you're doing whether it's an Android nor we are going to start off by grabbing these folders now I have links in the description for everything that we're talking about today so the links in the description for this website and these folders are down below and right here we're gonna just grab all these we are going to need the Norn and dumper we're gonna need the flash writer the flash for 82x is already included in the fresh the flash writer 2.0 archive sorry for the tongue twister there and we're gonna get that min check like I said that min check is the first thing that we're gonna need so I have these folders all laid out on my desktop and what we're gonna need first like I said is that min check so what we're gonna do is extract these folders on to my desktop so we're gonna create a new folder we're gonna name that folder ps3 inside of that folder we're gonna name another folder update these are all caps by the way and then we're going to drop that min check rar that file from the extraction that we just pulled from the min check rar and we're gonna throw it inside of the update folder that's inside of the ps3 folder on to our thumb drive so grab that ps3 update file from. The min check rar extraction and drop that into the update folder inside the ps3 folder on the root of our thumb drive and then we are going to go ahead and safely eject that and put it into our ps3 we're gonna want to make sure that it's on the furthest right USB slot on our ps3 so now on a ps3 we're going to turn it on what we're gonna do is we are gonna scroll over to settings system update update via storage media and as.

You can see right here version check we have the version check what we just added okay now right here it's going to show you what the minimal firmware the minimum firmware your ps3 can handle mine says version 2.7 OH now if yours is any higher than version 3.5 6 you cannot do this method it's very crucial that you make sure that this number is under 3.5 6 so now that we got that we're gonna remove our USB stick and we're gonna head back to our computer or laptop plug the USB back in now we know we're good we're going to go ahead and delete that file from our USB are USBs empty again and I do want.

To throw out that before you get to doing all this process that you are going to want to be on the newest firmware of 4.8 - as far as your update goes so you do want to grab the newest update from the ps3 that is the 4.8 - and you will be on that firmware to make sure that this is working so go ahead and grab that and don't get it confused with the number we just saw the number we just saw is the firmware the lowest firmware that our ps3 can handle we just needed to know that for the exploit sake but we need our ps3 to be on 4.8 - so make sure if you go to system information in the settings you will see what firmware you're on you want to make sure you're on 4.8 - just want to make that clear so you'll want to be back on your ps3 we got our USB it's in our computer we don't need it over here right now but we're gonna go to our ps3 again we're gonna go to internet browser go ahead and hit yes right here we're gonna go to Tools homepage use blank page hit OK.

Close the browser.

Go back into the browser go ahead and.

Type in this link right here so by pressing start we can go ahead and type in this link and it will bring us here.


When you get launched to that website it will say do you want to enter or certificate you're just gonna hit yes whatever it says just hit yes it's gonna bring you to this page right here we're gonna go up to the top we're gonna get a flash dumper and then you're gonna go to dump flash to USB and then right here remember earlier I was saying do you have an ancestor more nor I have nor so we're gonna go ahead and click Noor congratulations we detected ps3 is exploitable so head okay it's gonna bring us to this page right here and we're going to do is hit triangle go to Tools homepage use current hit okay.

Then we're going to close the browser so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna grab our USB we're going to go ahead and throw it back into our ps3 in the right port and we're going to launch our browser again so right here you see 0 0 0 and then 0 0 1 I have mine checked 0 0 0 because that is the right USB port and 0 0 1 is the left USB port my USB flash drive is in the right so that's USB 0 0 0 once that is in and confirmed we're gonna go ahead and hit initialize exploitation.

Go ahead and give it a second it says exploit initialization progress 10% please wait it should take a minute if that.


Exploit success you can now proceed to dump the nor flash memory to USB we are good exploit is success so we got that exploit success and it says you cannot proceed to dump the nor flash memory to USB so right now we are going to go ahead and click dump 16 MB nor flash to USB device says proceeding to dump nor flash memory to the USB device please wait the dump operation takes a few minutes.


Nor flash dump operation completed check your USB device for the dump hex so now we are good to go we're gonna unplug our USB device we're gonna head back to the computer we're gonna pop it back in and we're going to grab that dump dot hex file and we're gonna make a copy of it onto our desktop but we want to make sure that we have a nice saved copy and a keep saving on our desktop maybe in a cloud or something like that in case anything goes wrong so keep that safe so I'm on my USB here we got the dump dot hex file we're gonna go ahead and make a copy of that and we're just gonna paste it onto my desktop that's what you're gonna do as well you're gonna go ahead and just make a copy of it and get it safe on your computer so we can delete that off our USB once you have a safe copy of it on your computer and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna get that flash hex file that was a part of what we had downloaded earlier remember I had mentioned in the beginning of the links that there was a three files that we needed to grab three or four zip files that we needed to grab one of them had already included the flat the flash hex file so we're gonna need to grab that flash hex and we'll get that onto our USB so that's we're gonna get to doing right now so I got the flash hex we're gonna go ahead and copy that so we're just going to take this hex file and we're just gonna copy that and paste it right on to the root of our USB flash drive go ahead and just paste it right onto the root and then throw it right back into your ps3. So we got a USB plug backed in and what we're gonna do right now is we're gonna hit triangle tools homepage use blank.

Page okay triangle again go to history.

We're gonna delete our history clear at all close the browser so once you've.

Done all that and you've exited we're going to go ahead and relaunch the browser it should bring us to a blank page press Start and we're gonna type in this address we're gonna go ahead and enter the address that's ps3 exploit com press Start yes and it's going to bring us here and then we're going to go to flash writer and then we're gonna select write flash from usb member again and or nor by your system code I am nor so we're gonna go ahead and hit nor flash writer flash from USB nor okay get inside of. Here we're now brought to this page press triangle go to Tools homepage use.

Current okay triangle again exit close.

The browser now once that's all said and.

Done we're gonna go ahead and launch right back into our browser congratulations we've detected blah blah blah okay remember again 0 0 0 our USB is plugged into our right flash port and we're gonna hit initialize exploitation so once again 0 0 1 is your left USB 0 0. 0 is your right I always say use your right 0 0 0 USB is plugged in to the right we have our flash hex on our USB root we're going to hit initialize exploitation exploit initialization success you can now proceed to patch the nor flash memory so we're gonna go ahead and click patch nor flash memory proceeding to patch nor flash memory please wait the operation takes a few minutes.


And as you can see nor flash memory patch operation completed you can now dump the noir and check that the patch has been applied successfully then reboot to enable the patches and install the 4.8 - custom firmware of your choice so we're gonna go ahead plug our USB back into our computer delete that file so I'm back at my computer I got a link in the description for a c fw that i am currently using you can use any c fw of your choice there's rebug there's ferox there's a couple more but I'm using fair ax currently I like it a lot I know a lot of people actually do prefer rebug so I will throw that out there for you guys but I am using fair ax and I like it a lot honestly so what we're gonna do is right here and this link in the description down below we're gonna choose our 4.8 - ferox Standard Edition where you're gonna go ahead and download that so go ahead and click on that it's gonna bring us to this comment where the new link is now at go ahead and click on it it's going to bring us to this download and we're going to be now downloading the new custom firmware file so hit download on that.


Go ahead and save that to wherever you needed to be and extract that on to your desktop so if extracted on to our desktop and we have the ferox for eight point two zero one dot pup what we are going to do now is create another new folder we're gonna name it ps3 inside that folder is going to be. Another folder named update so another new folder update all caps then we're.

Gonna take that ferox custom firmware that we just downloaded put it in that update folder and then rename this ps3.

Update so ps3 u P dat PU P just like.

That feel free to pause make sure it's correct just like that otherwise your ps3 will not read it go ahead and make sure this is all on your USB of course and we are going to eject it from our USB all we have on our USB now is a ps3 folder update folder and inside of that is our custom firmware renamed ps3 up Det so go ahead and eject that from our computer place it back on to our ps3 so. We're back at a ps3 we're gonna scroll to settings system update update via storage media and then you'll see the following update was found version 4.8 to ferox location USB device that's the file that we just renamed to the ps3 update now it's been recognized because it's named as a ps3 update file so what we're gonna do is hit OK user agreement we're just gonna scroll through that except start give it a minute to install.

You installing do not turn off the system after installation is complete it will automatically restart.

So the consul's we started and now you can see ferox the coolest custom firmware in the world and we are now running custom firmware on our ps3 it is done and it just completed successfully we are now on a jailbroken hacked ps3 you'll know it's complete when you see install package files and this right here so this is how you know it's complete obviously you saw ferox of course but you'll see that star app home ps3 game and then the star installed package files that is awesome we are good to go as you can see I already have a package file on there that would be multi man that's gonna be the number one thing you're gonna want for your jailbroken ps3 I have a video on how to add that it's real simple to do go ahead and check that on my channel so thanks again for tuning in I hope this video did help I hope you're now running on a jailbroken ps3 and I hope you're doing everything you've been wanting to do for a long time now

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