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How To Fix Issues With Usb Drive Not Showing In My Computer

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Все видео пользователя: Smith Technical Resources.

This tutorial will show you how to resolve issues with accessing a usb flash drive.

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Okay if you're using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and you've plugged in your USB flash drive but it's not being displayed in you know my computer the first thing I would suggest that you do is to unplug the drive from the current USB port that it's plugged into and then plug it into an alternate port okay you can try it you know with an alternate port in the front of the system if that's what you're using now if that doesn't work go ahead and unplug the flash drive from the front of the system and then plug it into the rear of the system I try each port until you find one that works okay now if that doesn't work for you all right the next thing that I would suggest you do is we're gonna need to go to the control panel and this is a Windows 8 system so I'm going to use the charms bar now if you are using Windows 7 you're just gonna go to the lower right and click on the Perl and then control panel all right I'm gonna click on search since I'm using one of those eight type in control or a portion of it and then click on control panel on the left once control panel opens I'm gonna go and change the view by two large icons okay and at this time we're gonna need to do all right is to we are going to click on Administrative Tools all right and then we're going to click on computer management. And we'll give this snap-on just a second to open because it's definitely not the fastest snap-on okay once it opens what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the left all right and we're gonna click on under storage we're gonna click on dis management and we'll give it just.

A few seconds to display I'm gonna go ahead and maximize this all right now pretty much what's going to do is try to locate all right look in this list I get what this list contains it's going to tank contain all of your physical drives you know the physical drives connected to your system on this one it's a virtual machine so I have virtual so I have a you know C Drive okay now this one this one this is removable yours well most likely it's gonna say removable okay alright this is the flash drive now if yours is displayed here I the first thing I will check is to make sure that it has a drive letter okay you just way to handle that is to you can just right click in the in the area over here to the right and then click on change drive letter a pass and if it does not have one go ahead and click Add alright alright if it already has a drive letter just click change and then just change it here alright but it has to have a drive letter for to be displayed okay alright okay now if after.

That it's still you go right back to the computer and students not display one thing I would try here is from this section right where you can actually see the drive here right click it and then select explore and see if you can open the drive okay if you can't open the drive it may be a driver issue okay if that's the case I'm gonna go it close this and then I'm going to go back to. The control panel and this time though I'm going to go to system and then I'm gonna click on device management upper left all right looking with max out the device manager and then what I'm gonna do is check I'm gonna expand the disk drives okay now what you're gonna do is locate your USB flash drive here all. Right you might get yours I actually might have a yellow mark or maybe a red X over it okay so what's gonna do is you're gonna right-click it and select uninstall and then okay on the confirm. All right now after you've done that you just wait to go to the top of the tree right click and then click scan for hardware changes all right and it should.

Install I should reinstall your drive okay and the drive automatically popped up actually here alright and at this time your that actually big thing from you know one of those procedures one of those actually should resolve you know your issue with the your external drive not actually being displayed within my computer all right and that completes this tutorial

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