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How to Flash any android phone.(100% WORKING)

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IMPORTANT: If nothing is happening when you click on the download button in the sp flash tool then it means that your phone's processor is based on MediaTek and you will have to install MediaTek VCOM drivers in your PC before flashing your phone. Watch my video to know how to install MediaTek VCOM drivers on your computer: https://youtu.be/22FkV57v8Jo...




Firmware download site:


SP Flash Tool v5.1516:


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Guys if you haven't yet the subscribe to my channel and first of all I can and not only for video for eco friendly hello guys once again welcome to Toco friendly today I am going to show you guys how to or flash any Android phone so guys many many of the circumstances.

When your phone are stuck at boot screen. Or like your phone are dead or your phone have gone into a boot boot loop mode alright so today I am going to show you how you can flash any Android phone easily within a few simple steps so without any delay let's get started.

So first of all what you have to do is you have to download this SP flash tool I will put the download link in the description below alright so after that what you have to do is head over to this website firmware file calm because you have to download the stock Chrome or the firmware file in order to flash your phone so how to head over to this website from where file comm I will put a description in the I will put the download link at the description below so after downloading stock this SP flash. Tool and search your tools search the.

Firmware for your mobile phone in this search bar by putting them or typing in the model number of your food so I am today I am going to flash carbon a6 turbo so I'm going to put here carbon so here it is where I have surged it already so I will go for it and press enter so here it is X two options I will. Head over to carbonaceous turbo and download the latest firmware 5 alright the latest flash file so just click on. It and download it alright so download anyway so I have downloaded it already here it is so guys when you download the firmware file from this side from well file calm Kansas is that most of the times you will get the fly you know flash tool in this file itself alright this this is not this comes with a flash to most of the times when you download the firmware form from this from that side it comes with a flash tool alright so we will see if the it is there is a flash tool extract it over. Here so I am extracting it all right so just.

Extract it all right so I extracted this.

File over here look just as I said you.

Will get the flash tools that there are two software right here one is SP flash dual the same ID which I told you earlier to download and SN dry pool so if you want to install or if you want to use this tool then it's okay good you can use this or you want to use the tool that I have provided the link in you can also use that so what I have to do is open the you know file or the tool that.

I provided the folder and click on this flash tool dot exe file double click on it and run it all right so just run it.

Alright so what you have to do is now in. This download agent you have to browse and select this mtk all-in-one Da dot bin you this file will be present when you download the firmware file for your phone alright so this thing empty K all in one DB a dot bean most in most of the cases you don't have to do that because this SP pool file will automatically you know of this thing the all-in-one DBF.

File in SP flash tool or sorry you have to find that alright so all in one TF most of the times this SPI flash tool will it will be selected already and.

What you have to do is you have to load this scatter loading file alright I'll I'll show you how to do it just click on it and I go to your browse to your firmware file that you have downloaded so I have downloaded it in my desktop alright so it's over here go to this and click on firmware there there will be a folder named firmware whenever you download the firmware file alright so in that powerful for for sure 100% there will be a file named this the scatter dot txt alright so click on this and open it alright so it has opened now you.

Are all set now what you have to do is you have to connect your phone to the to the computer so guys before connecting airforce make sure that your phone is having at least 15 percent of charge and how you have to connect is you have to remove your battery of your phone and then connect your phone alright so you have to remove the battery already you can do it with the battery in your phone plugged into your phone alright so you have to remove your battery remove the battery of your phone and then connect your phone with a USB cable well let's after connecting it just start on just click on download all right so as you can see over here it has started downloads or flashing see it is showing download flash and the person so it is flashing your phone.

So we will let it finish so guys this.

Procedure is pretty much same for all Android phones or all smartphones you just have to head over to this website and download the firmware or stock rom of your phone by putting your phone name or model name in this search bar and with it will show you a zip file or firmware file that you have to download all right so most of the times you will get a flash tool inside that from zip file that you download you can use that too or you can use this SP flash tool that I have provided the download link I mean SP flash tool is. Very famous and this is very simple all right this is very handy tool.


You can flash any Android device just you have to load this cattle loading files that comes with your firmware file that you download from that side all right so it has finished flashing my entire device you know unplug your device or remove your device from your computer and put. The battery back on all right so put the battery back so guys let's put the battery back on so let's put it back and.

Turn it on by pressing the power button.

It will take some time to load depending.

Depending on your device all right it.

May take up to 10 minutes sometimes in many of the cases it takes more than 10 minutes to load so don't worry just wait.

Don't do anything else just wait till your phone loads or boots off so let it.


So yeah guys the system is back on all.

Right so just go through the setup wizard just press ok on everything all right so close and so yeah guys as you.

Can see the phone is back to normal so you can just open anything or the apps. Or all the so although all my data is gone so you have to take a backup of whatever you are going to do all right so before doing this before flashing your mobile you have to take a backup of everything every context and all the stuff all videos photos and everything in a in an external disk or portable disk or just copied to a computer or memory card or something like that and do it because all the all the data all the contacts everything in your phone gets lost so that's it guys that's it that's how you can flash any Android device so I hope you like my video if you like my video give me a thumbs up if you didn't like my video give me a thumbs down and guys if you have any doubt or anything if you if you are not getting the your phone's perform wire file or anything like that just put it down in the comment section below I will reply to you and I will try to help you guys alright so that's it I also check out my channel and if you like my content subscribe to me and share this video to all your friends who have to root or slash it applies their phone so that's it gasps that's it for today see you guys in my next video till then take care bye bye

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