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Hey guys I'm here to show you guys another case that I have purchased it's supposed to be this one let's see how it shows up it's supposed to be a high quality LED flash reminding income.

Calling kicks and that's the one I purchased I purchased an iPhone 6 plus size color rose and approximately and.

That's the prize 145 US dollars that's how it looks like in the pictures and there's another color but that's one I purchased and let's see if it's really like it shows on camera and so here is.

My own iPhone as you can see iPhone 6.

All you have to do pretty simple this is.

What the case looks like it comes standard like this wrapped here's how.

The rose color looks like it looks more like a pink i'll expecting it to be a little bit darker since the way it looked in the pictures but it's fine and so just put it on the iPhone I mean this.

Week you guys can see it snaps reading.

Sorry I'm trying to do this with one hand so here it is and according to the.

To the website this does knock this is the case itself does not light up there there are no lights to it it is this light the LED light that's already in the camera that is going to make the case light up so in order for it to work properly you have to go to your settings page go to settings you have to go to. General accessibility all the way towards the bottom you have to go to where it says to the hearing section and go towards this LED flash for alerts and this must be green for its work if it's not green it won't work and that's all you do so you put on the case on the phone you turn on that notification sign.

And you're ready so let's turn it off so.

That it it shows and let me send me a message let's send a testing message to the phone and see how it works so. Sending a message.

So you guys see that try it again with.

Another one see that's how it lights up.

So the photo of the case only lights up. When it's like the back is on something. For it to be a contrast so just one more.

Text there we go.

So like I said it's this LED flash.

Usually turns on when you try to do the the flashlight app or when it's the flash up so that this is what it's. Making the whole case light up so if we do it on like this here's how you guys can see it so basically it is this that.

Is making the case light up so it only works when it's facedown I'm going to try to UM try with the lights off let's see how it looks like with the lights off so here it is with the lights off I.

Mean if you guys want to get it for like what it's like three dollars including shipping go for it well I hope you guys like this video if you guys want me to try out something or anything else let me know and I'll see if I can buy it thank you.


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