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How to flash mod Xbox 360 Liteon drive to Lt 3.0 without ck3 pro probe

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This is how you can flash all Liteon drives with lt 3.0 in a phat Xbox 360, without using ck3 pro and a ck3 probe.

download jungle flasher 1.91 beta here


download the new firmware files with LT 3.0 here


If you didn't get the status 0x72 when erasing your drive take note of the IO port that your drive is on and then follow the instructions on this site.


place to download xbox games


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What's up YouTube today I'm going to show you how to flash your xbox 360 with a light on Drive the cheap way you won't be needing a ck3 pro or ck3 probe this is kind of I guess the hillbilly way of doing it so let's get started you're going to need some kind of some kind of toggle switch I just got just a cheap toggle switch here you're also going to need some kind of poker tool pretty much I just used to pick you wrap the wire around the pic and just make it long enough because you're going to be attaching that to the frame of your xbox 360 and of course you're going to need a SATA cable going to your computer it's recommended that you do have via 6421 a chipset if you.

Don't you can pick up the SATA cards on eBay for like five ten bucks first thing you can do of course just take your Xbox 360 apart you can see already got mine apart here you'll notice on the back of the drive there's two wires and there's two wires on the.

Back of the Xbox 360 there and basically all you're going to do is remove both of these wires got one there and then you.

Just connect the other one there take your drive out flip it upside down. You're going to have four screws we have one here one here one here one here you once you remove those either got my removed you're going to take off this.

Cover put that to the side all right now. You're going to be looking at the drive here we're going to be focusing on this area here I'll put a picture up on the video so you can see which point you're going to be probing.

And going to remove this wire right here.

This white one the one you unplug from the Xbox 360 it just unplugs right here just unplug it once you have it unplugged you're going to be cutting one of the wires I already have mine cut so I've already flashed this one before you can see I just kind of marked the hole with a black marker I'll put a picture up on the video showing you which wire it is that you need to cut. All right what we're going to do is cut the wire so that you can hook up each end to your toggle switch and I'll go ahead and do that real quick all right and this is what the toggle switch will look like once you have connected both wires one there and one there all right.

Now we're going to plug in one of these ends back into the Xbox 360 make sure that you plug it in for the right way just like that okay and the other end of.

Course is going to go back into your drive here all right let me get this set.

Up here all right so this is what the finished product looks like usually going to have your drive upside down just kind of hang in there in the Xbox and you can see that my SATA cable here.

Go into my via 64 21 SATA card and.

Here's my toggle switch with the white connectors here connected here and here you're going to want to figure out if you're using a toggle switch which way of course the on position is on your toggle switch depending on how you have it connected the best way to do that is to just turn your Xbox 360 on and if the drive starts making noise then you know your toggle switch is the on position if it doesn't then you know it's in the off position so we're going to might want to make sure that your toggle switch is in the on position so you know where it's at now if you don't want to use a toggle. Switch you don't have to on you're just going to have to have more hands helping you out on this because then you're going to have to be touching and disconnecting the two wires manually with your hands the toggle switch just makes it a lot easier to turn the power to the drive on and off ok now you get.

Your probe and you're going to connect of course like hey you had a setup before you have the wire going to source sort of some sort of probe and the wires going to go to the chassis of the Xbox you just wrap it through one of these holes so that basically just grounding down I like to stick a little bit of tape around it just to make sure that I've got a good connection to the chassis there and the area we're going. To be probing like I said before is going to be right there. Now you can see that I have a piece of black tape over it I like to put a piece of black tape and just cut a little tiny hole out of it so that you don't accidentally touch any of the other circuits so that way I just have my little spot where I need to probe just poking out of the tape all right now that we have our probe that we're going to use hooked up and we have our toggle switch in there I usually put a little bit of tape around the toggle switch the bottom so that it doesn't short out any of the circuits on the board go ahead and make sure you got power connected make sure that you got some sort of cable video cable going to the Xbox doesn t be plugged into anything just so it doesn't shut off on you and we're ready to go to computer alright now that we're back at the computer you're going to want to open up jungle flasher link is in the description to download the newest version also make sure that you download the newest firmware files put those in the firmware folder in Jungle flasher now I'm running Windows XP I have seven and Windows XP on a dual boot on my computer mainly because the flashing seems to work a lot better with xp once you have jungle flasher open open up DVD key 32 make sure your device is actually showing up if not you want to change your i/o port until you actually see the name of your drive there once you hit the fat key button it'll give you this intro failed command and once you hit yes everything else is. Going to take place on the Xbox so we're going to go ahead and hit yes all right you turn the power off touch your point power back on should get a.

Complete message take your probe off and you're going to turn the power switch off one two three four five seconds turn.

It back on and then click okay on your.

Computer all right once you hit okay it's going to ask you to save the files one by one you're going to end up with a dummy and inquiry and identify in a serial file just save them to a folder I just labeled my folder my light on backup just somewhere where you're going to be able to find it again and once those are saved a little popup message will come up it'll ask if you want to auto automatically load the firmware file I usually click know so that I can make sure I choose the right one you notice that your DVD key is right here it's just different numbers and letters if it doesn't show up as random numbers and letters like this then you did something wrong now we're going to open the target firmware what you're going to do is browse to the firmware folder in Jungle flasher or wherever you save that firmware folder that you downloaded and once you open that up you're going to go to the firm we're not the stock firmware and you should see the LT plus 0 to 5 1 version 3.0 version 3.0 is the newest firmware out that's the one that you're going to want especially if you're playing any games online you're going to hit spoof source to target and you'll notice now that the DVD Keys match that's really important to do after you do that you're going to go to Mt K flash 32 and make sure that your device is showing up there it shows the name of the drive right here DG all right so once everything's all set to go you're on the m PK flash 32 tab and your drive properties are showing up you're going to hit light on a race this one will pop up and you're going to hit yes okay this next step is a little tricky you can once you hit yes you're going to have to turn the power off on your drive for about one second and then turn it back on and if you have somebody helping you it's a little easier if you don't have somebody helping you I really hope you have a toggle switch otherwise it's going to be really hard but if somebody's helping you they can just unplug the wires and then plug them back together but just make sure you're ready. Okay let me go ahead and get this set okay yes click off click on.

And if everything went alright you'll get a status zero x7 - and the name of. Your drive will show up there and should have all that information in that window right there if you succeeded then you're.

Ready to write to the drive if not there.

Is a link in the description if you didn't succeed that'll tell you how to flash the firmware through DOS ok next.

Step is just to click write once you do that down at the bottom here it's going to say writing to bank 0 1 2 & 3 it'll verify and once we're all done with this you're going to of course disconnect your toggle switch wrap those wires back together and tape them up put your Xbox back together and that's it right now drive is still in bender moans so your last step is just to hit that 80 a reset button and you're done if you liked the video make sure you like it any questions comments put them in the comments below and I will be putting some more videos probably on the burning Xbox games and downloading them but thanks for your time peace

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