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Easily Flash,Restore or Unbrick Any Samsung Phones Firmware with Smart Switch or Kies

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Here is how to Easily Flash, Restore or unbrick any Samsung Galaxy Phone new or old in the simplest way possible. This can fix issues such as:Stuck on Boot,BootLoop,Remove Viruses,Un-Root,Return your device to Stock FirmWare,Update Device,Fix Bricked devices (Wont Boot) and Much More.

Best of all any body can use this simple method, all you have to do is click for the most part. This method is easier than using Odin, this is a universal method that works on all Samsung Galaxy devices including Galaxy Note and Tablets.

Read the full Guide: http://tinyurl.com/ybykljxn...

Download Smart Switch(New Phones):http://tinyurl.com/l6ml5ye...

Download Kies (Older devices):http://tinyurl.com/nlyseh2...

Video contents:

Flash new Phones: 1:22

Flash Older Phones: 9:28

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Hey guys Ricardo welcome to another blog tech tips in today's tutorial guys I'm just going to show you how to basically flush any Samsung Galaxy device this includes many phones it can also work on tablets as well so basically this is a all-in-one tutorial and flushing on new on older samsung devices also this is a very easy method so if you have never flush anything or you have never flush the device before this tutorial should help you requires no technical software such as all in our salon with of using simple tools is basically a quick method art so basically let's get started now the first device I'm going to show you on is a newer device it is the Samsung Galaxy s6 also work on s7 is it.

And any other newer device that is on release so basically these devices instead of non-removable battery meaning you cannot open the book alright to access the battery and then I'll actually show you older devices such as s 5 s 4 s 3 s 2 1 F 1 and so on.

Alright so if you have any of those devices as well I'll show you our separate tutorial in this video on that art so without further ado let's get started so the s 6 7 or 8 are above what. You're going to do for these devices is you're going to retrieve two numbers by placing your phone in download mode so the first thing I want to do guys is to pour down your phone once you power down your phone and just going to list all off we're going to retrieve the IMEI number as well as the serial number no for the IMEI you can actually retrieve this from the back of your device I'm not going to show your mind it's usually printed somewhere down here in very fine print you can also find a model number on the back of your device in fine print for most devices otherwise you can actually get it when the phone is booted up but sometimes if your phone is brick or there's a virus or some you'll be able to access the information so just in case your devices break down is going to show you a universal method so use the metal use here alright so what we're doing here if we can before noon don't with mood so this study we're going to do guys this was all done on Oh focus go no.

Loan on poll volume down and be home buddy alright Cena's going to go ahead and hold all three and while the device boots over the dough put into known would move no as you can see on screen you can actually read this it says basically this is a method of loading a.

Customized until your phone are to install applications and so on so basically it says to continue it valium up I'm going to do that while you've known to cancel and your phone will restart are all going to show your barcodes no the barcodes and I'm going to show that on screen I'm ready to edit all my work Miami and barcode because very sensitive information right so I'm not going to actually I'm faded so gonna go ahead here is gonna change the camera angle here we go and of course here particular degree is going to hit them and as you can see here and learn all this you love your IMEI and your serial number and I know in it says you don't know download now you can record these you can actually take a pen and pencil right on both numbers alright now again.

Guys once I'm done I'm just going to eat the home button there you go I'm now in download mode now but I important in Toronto Pierre the notice in the upper left hand corner you'll have a product name that's predominant and that is the model number of your device for example mine is an SMG 92083 samsung galaxy s6.

Our second record that no more product number is the same thing as Iran product our device no more so data is a. Tool called Smart Switch it's also in the description and also there's a tutorial on the website which all of this just for you so basically guys are going to write on your product number which is basically your product which is this phone yours might be different you can record that if you require is it going to stop right here next you're going to switch over to the computer alright know that the phone is in download mode and you have got me information gonna do is you're gonna list school or put a link in description or you can go back to the website you'll get the information that's who is smart switch what you can actually do is open your bo-zone and as I said the link is down below you're going to go and find smart switch as we can see here it says is you screening data from your mobile device and so on those are other functions so you're going to scroll down once you scroll down here finding your device retail market and down over here and then hit download or Windows not already download these other videos download once download it you're going to go and install the application is right here so the load and launch up so once up. Launches as you can see is as welcome there's nothing connected do not try expenditure from your head if you do we to see its unrecognized so far know where it's going to be more I want to run more than go over to emergency software recovery and initialization top one dot a week New Delhi the world and. This window local one is a pop-up given actually go over to the second power gears is device initialization right here and once you're here we are going to use the module number here departs from earlier an amicus starting BD for.

The Samsung Galaxy s6 and enters information right here once in with and - Pocket PC alright so one failure so I.

Copied minorities on the spoon of coffee and peace as you see my device is the SMG 920 make sure that information is card in of course of any search the.

Europe next to the end of the circus. Missile enter the serial number from earlier as well the other card is called boy Voyager and into a museum ourselves we'll go ahead and paint the serial number so oughta be enough copy this comes in a case can hit okay I'm here is your new Cleary this is.

The question initialize this original settings oxygens and it'll be deleted itself originally installed you want to proceed wire cover up your google upon.

You disable device protection featured a statistic you will be required to sign of welcome think it's irreversible enjoyed an old K Anna is initialized.

Version is your it phone and gives you.

Some other information it all says all cities visualize one video and needs okay.

Like here we go back and finishing up 98 100 this is preparing components for.

Software of initialization reason at least connect a cable from the PC.

Hi and this is the key part I said software definition I know start please follow the steps below the proceed with emergency recovery all right this is.

Make sure that device is turned off you should by sandy recovery mode go for.

More energy.

All right so here the reduction is coming up I start I want to connect this before the underscore hit the light of i needed for kids and of course from this I will opportunity to consider that I want to flash my devices all right so far all the devices and your IV Samsung Galaxy s4 basically for flashing these devices which usually have a removable battery meaning you can actually open up the box what you're going to do that is first of all other cities work for a s5s for three two and one so node 1 node 2 node 3 node 4 so basically for those devices first thing I want to do that is as usual you're going to pull off the phone and you're going to need power dome so basically while the phone is pulling down we can pop the buck off you can look for the roof or the top just open up and once.

You have open up the bucket of ice guys we look for some a special number again which is similar to before she's a serial number and the well merely IMEI.

Number right will also record serial number just in case you can say take a pic already stone so I'm just going to open this up now remove the budget exit. Just address quick Hammond organ guys I'm going to ID numbers or blur them out so does bear with me a second and we can.

Just come in a little closer you'll see the model number even redder don't are also gonna write down the IMEI number I'm gonna blur those old because of privacy concerns don't want people stealing your enemy number so your IMEI dollars the model number and the phone they're given a record both of them alright so once your cardboard numbers next thing I do is we assemble the phone once your assembly phone you're going to boot into download mode on this device alright so we're just slide the battery back in you can actually put on the back of the device here we go start the back on now just as before where is it going to hit power volume known you can hit. The home one mirakl society different but this time you notice there is no option to access Leon the IMEI our serial number and so. On so to save time I showed you before remember it's under the budget for these devices art so we're going to eat volume up and there you go we're in download. Mode and in just in case you did not get the device our product name our product.

Model it is going to look in the upper left-hand corner here can you see in there this device is the GT 99 505 for you it.

Will be different right so once you record those numbers next we're going to go back over to the computer again and I'm gonna show you what to do from there alright see you over there we are going to download these keys application action streets and go over to this website link in the description what you can end up doing guys is that they pH should look just like this you're going to come down here or similar you're going to download keys we can download it for Windows such as here two versions you can choose either harder latest version of do this and either links or you can get it for mock the second link you're going to go ahead and launch now from here it's pretty straightforward as you can see this is the interface very similar to Smart Switch so what you're going to do guys is you're going to go down go to tools you're going to choose the second link here this one right here you go to squared and click on it and of course you're going to enter this screen here and of course from you it's very similar to Smart Switch so I won't extend the video or make it too long I actually go a boxing process well basically very enter your device model number you can actually a serial number and so on it's going to enter the information which you record from the device the back of the device and so on you gotta hit OK and it should find the device and of course later on it ask you to connect your phone in on download motor remote even actually do that and of course connect the phone and from their other way to download the firmware similar again to the first method alright so we'll go back to that so guys if you enjoy this tutorial please give us the gay light and even about the SUBSCRIBE card from block tech tips saying goodbye until next time good bye

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