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How to fix optimising app issue (Android starting issue)in any android phone.

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If this FIX didn't work for you then try flashing your Android phone for which watch this video of mine:-https://youtu.be/N62HnrbG51U...


Guys the idea behind removing the battery is to turn off your phone and boot it up again so that we can press the keys together and get into the bootloader or recovery mode. Now If your phone has an inbuilt battery then don't worry just try pressing the buttons without doing anything and phones with inbuilt batteries should directly get into recovery mode. Now the another way is to power off

your phone in any way and if you can't then let it be as it is and let the battery drain out completely after which plug in your phone and do the procedure mentioned in the video.


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NOTE: -Guys this is the fix for optimizing app issue on any android phone.Now as far as what I know about this issue, this issue is caused due to many reasons such as a corrupt file in your boot sector, Due to a bug in a third-party application, Due to some update patch from the manufacturer, Due to some bug in the running version of the system software or maybe your phone got brick. And whenever this issue occurs your phone just goes into a boot loop and optimizing app message is displayed which never really completes or starts your phone. Now what I am going to show you is how to recover your phone from this state and bring it back to normal via a factory reset from outside your phone's system since you wouldn't have any access to your system while this issue happens. Guys, now I can assure you that your phone will be recovered from the boot loop but I can't promise you that this won't happen again since the exact reason why this happens is undetected.Now this FIX is only for this particular issue not for any other Android related issues. So don't blame me or call me a cheater even if this didn't work for you sometimes it may not because your phone's internal architecture may be different and it is possible that the fix may be different for your phone.I am just sharing the fix that I used on my friend's phone and his phone is working smoothly ever since.

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Hello guys once again welcome to taco friendly today I am going to show you how to fix up to my optimizing app issue in any Android phone so the procedure is same for almost all Android phones so without delay let's get started so here's the issue when you start whenever you press the power button of your phone your for the boot screen loads up with the logo of the company and it takes a lot of time to start your phone and after your after your phone the starter is so something like this like angle it's starting and optimizing app so here I am fast-forwarding a bit my video bit so that there is no waste of time so.

Because this this screen takes a lot of time to move because it optimizes have really slow your phone so yeah I it is.

Now for 104 of 108 let it finish and I.

Will show you what happens after this.

So yeah finish optimizing what it is showing starting apps and sure it will. Take it won't start your phone really all right so it will be stuck at this stage starting apps like that and even if it completes this stage you're either the booth screen will load up or either the boot screen will load up or it will be stuck like that so here what you have to do is remove your battery so that you can start your phone again and press the power button and the volume up key now in most of the phones the procedure is sale so after pressing power up button and power button and volume up key what you have to do is navigate down and go to wipe data/factory reset' you will get an option like that there will be many options navigate down to wipe data/factory reset' like this over here is third option so then press the power button and then now here it is saying come from pipe of all user data this cannot be undone so here it is saying what and what you have to do so I am doing a factory reset here guys this is the only way to fix your phone so I pressed yes delete all files so it is wiping or formatting my phone now guys this is the only way to do it or feel this issue because there is no other way. Or you will have to route your phone but this is an this is an handy fix you can do it at home or you don't have to waste any money for this so it had completed resetting or a formatting my phone so.

Here now I am going to reboot my system.

So that my phone starts again so yeah I.

Am rebooting my system so it will take some time I fast forward so yeah after rebooting it will again show your optimizing app but this time it is going to be fixed I will show you guys how it is going to be fixed it will show.

Optimizing apps once again so yeah guys.

Formatting is or the one and only way to do this thing so I recommend you remove your memory card or any other stuff connected to your phone maybe you can recover your data later or maybe your data won't be white so let it finish so.

Yeah it has finished and your phone is once again in like new state so here you. Have to select your nation and some.

Setup wizard sinker and all that stuff I will press next so here I have a select idea and next and skip so skip a.

Wi-Fi it is telling me to connect to internet so I will skip it skip so here.

It is saying me to write my name I will rather skip it and here is the agreement.

Just score scroll down and click on next.

So yeah okay press on okay it's just.

Random so that's it guys here is here I. Have fixed or optimizing apps issue in the lab of so the procedure this procedure is same for pretty much all Android phones and. Though this I mean there may be other solutions but the solution that I have found out after many days of research and stuff that the only way to face this issue is by formatting your phone and since you can format your phone ashes flying from inside your system axial system that is stuck at the boot screen so that's it guys if you like my video.

Give me a thumbs up and don't forget to.

Subscribe and share my video to all those who is facing fail facing the same issue so that they may they can be benefited so stay tuned for my next tutorial video till then till then guys take care bye bye

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