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Let's Upgrade an Original Xbox! - TSOP Flash & Clock Capacitor Removal - Part 1

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I decided to take a crack at this original Xbox console I had sitting here and get it up to speed! What we have here is 1.2 revision of the Xbox that has already been softmodded prior to me turning on the camera. Softmods are great and convenient but... With just a bit more effort we can do so much more! What I did in this video was take the console apart, clean it up, enable write access to the TSOP/BIOS, remove the leaky clock capacitor, and flash a custom BIOS to the motherboard.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Well... Later. My plans for this console aren't finalized yet because of a snag with the upgraded parts I ordered, but fear not - there will be a part 2! I split this up as there was a bit of a wait between the recording sessions, and this might be a good way to chronicle the upgrade journey.

Check out Slot1Gamer's AWESOME TSOP flashing tutorial here:


A thank you goes out to Jacob Power for his advice on what to get for the future SATA hard drive upgrade:


Part 2 is here!


#OriginalXbox #OGXbox #XboxModding

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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Hey what's going on everyone's me mr. Mario and today we're just gonna kind of do one of these videos here where my dog whines while I'm trying to talk but aside from that we're a new video here we're haven't done too much Xbox stuff like original Xbox stuff so for this I'm going to take this system open it up and we're going to do a few things to it the plans I have at least right now are to take out the motherboard it's a tea soffit which I'll kind of explain that in a bit here and then we're also going to be upgrading the hard drive from the old IDE drive to a nice new SATA drive and I'm probably going to do one of these cable upgrades as well some of the stuff I've done before some that I haven't I'm still kind of new I would say to original Xbox stuff I kind of missed out on this so a lot of it I have to go back but the cool thing is literally every single thing I've needed to know for the original Xbox so I've looked up it's all historically preserved and available online it's really easy to find which is the cool thing it's really easy to find which is the cool thing so what we're going to be doing here is take this thing apart so one necessary thing for this is you do need to softmod your xbox if you plan to t stop it essentially a tea stop is we go in and we're going to bridge a few points on the motherboard itself that will allow us to write to the BIOS on board so we can flash a custom BIOS and then we can have these same functionality as a mod chip without a matcha some people might say oh well that's why you do a soft mod you get some functionality there but for example if your drive ever busts you don't back up your stuff there you're not going to have that flexibility on top that as well - you can run unlocked hard drives on here and have a few other things worth of fun so also just it kind of helps me future-proof my xbox a little bit more like let's say I don't backup the stuff my hard drive dies on here I'm not completely out of luck I can just literally buy a new Drive drop it in and we're good to go at that point so what I'm gonna do here is as you can see this has never been opened up I'm going to be opening this thing up for the first time as I said soft mud in it is a version point one and let's get started on here all right so I took out these screws underneath these stickers this one I always peel back this one I kind just punch a hole in because I don't care all that much but when it comes down to these kind of want to show you all a little bit of a tip here that I had been told by someone before normally and a lot of guides they recommend just literally take off the entire foot but then it's harder to stick back on like it just doesn't have that same pump that it did before well you could do alternatively is you could just kind of go underneath here on the front you know closest to the end of the console and kind just pry up there.

There we go just bring back that bit that's it just bring back about enough so that you can get your screwdriver in there and start unscrewing it so that way in the future you could just literally peel it back a little bit and open it up and remove the screw as opposed to taking off the whole thing trying to put it back on than getting angry that you know it doesn't have that same adhesive power that did before all right guys well I have a thing open it looks like it has a Samsung Drive has a Seagate hard drive as well to which I don't see all too many of actually the Xbox I have taken apart a bit Western Digital aside from the last one and this one right here but we also check it out check it out check it out we uh we made a new friend we made a new friend you want to say uh he's he's dead that boys dead hey Lily Lily look look I mean I got a new friend for you look at that she's yeah she doesn't need not even she cares about the road oh she lives in the IDE cables all right so I decided to go outside and kind of blow all this off and end up seeing so kind of heard something like this and figured out when I went back out again there was a screw right here so this screw kind of came off this Drive interesting that saves me a little bit of effort I guess later on because I'm gonna have to you know remove the drive there this drive as we said is a samsung which seems to be okay at one point I'll probably take it apart and clean up a little bit even though it's working fine and this is the actual console right here which now is look and at least a bit nicer than before so what I'm gonna do here is I'll go ahead remove some of this stuff just to make it a little bit easier if I can they remove that removes that so those the cables that we're going to just throw on to the side here disconnect the power supply if it wants.

To maybe and I remembered while we're in here we'll go ahead and remove the cap as well to now they're movies points in. Case you all don't know Xbox is versions 1.0 through 1.5 have a clock capacitor cap that is known to go bad and once you softmod the system you know how if you have the original Xbox you've probably experienced this you've turned on after a few years and asks you for the time and date that capacitor is supposed to remember it doesn't have a battery has a capacitor and you know once charge gone it's fine but the capacitor kind of goes bad however if you have a soft mod installed what it does is when the system boots up it sets the date automatically to like sometime in 2007 so we don't need to worry about that at least we don't have to worry about the capacitor going bad and then the system going to boot loop and on top of that we don't have to worry about the pastor going bad and like if we remove it we don't have to worry about it going bad and then leaking everywhere so we'll take that apart as well too just to preserve the system because it's already modified but let's go ahead and take all this stuff off all right so kind of looking at the border right here um this is the cap this is the clock capacitor right there the clock capacitor cap and tried wiggling it off a little bit and it's kind of gonna be a note because you can either desolder it's or you know kind of remove it that way whatever you want to the thing is though I don't know if you all can see is how well it shows up on camera but there's kind of like some goo and residue around here and I. Smelled it smells a little bit sour and all that stuff so in short this clock capacitor has already leaked now it doesn't look like it's really done much damage to the board itself but still one be careful on this as well so we're gonna have to clean that up but anyways let's try our desoldering method first see if we get this removed here all right so what I'm doing here is I'm kind of trying to reflow this with a bit more solder make it a little bit easier I've already fluxed and tin the points might not need to but I actually tried it without it and it's not the best result so let's go.

Ahead and see if we can get this going like at all can't let's see and I won't.

Try to remove this from the board while. Heating it up and I feel it getting a.

Little bit loose which is a good sign and I can actually physically see that moving as well too on the bottom of the board all right and we are almost done it's like get just getting out of there if I can maybe.

And for anybody wondering how to exactly do this I kind just have to alternate between each points wiggle it around a little bit kind of like pull it out slowly because you know you can melt the solder for a few seconds and then it becomes hard again and also you need to build up a little bit of a resilience too because this is hot between my fingers you can hear it squeaking let me check to see how it's going on the other side yeah no it's coming it's physically coming off the board even if I want to I can you know I could really just go in either I could continue to wiggle this off and break it off or I could cut it but let's see if we could do this properly okay.

It was like that sites not really on the board now ah okay that part's off I could feel it and.

Okay we got off the board we got it guys we got it got it we got it we got it we got it all right cool and ya know it looks like it did leak a little bit so good news is this thing will not leak on the board anymore all righty all righty. Cool so fun fact I have actually not done that with the capacitor before interesting I have taken one of these off like I just wiggled it and wiggled it until it came off but I haven't you know desolder didn't like that properly so interesting thoughts on that let me go ahead and put this over the side and let's get this cleaned up here all right so got the board cleaned up also washed my hands too that's very important if you're doing this make sure you wash your hands cuz that's you know acid I don't know how I was to say it but good news here is that my flash right there or I guess the t saab is st branded which is great on these boxes I've never run into them I've only done it won t stop before granted but if you have a sharp branded T stop then you have to do another point you just have to connect two points with a wire which is easy enough you know no big deal whatever though what we're going to do is we're going to find the points we need to so it looks like we need to do one point right let me find it one of them is going to be right here so it is directly to the left of our seven d-10 is what it seems and it looks like I'm actually looking this up on Xbox HQ looking up the guide here while I'm doing this it looks like these are number different but I think they're using a picture of a 1.0 while as I'm using a one point one but the actual physical locations are the same so I'm gonna do is I'm going to solder those two together I've already cleaned up the point but let's go ahead and flux it a little bit and then we're gonna ten Enbridge which should be easy enough you serve it should should be easy I'm saying but these are actually really really small points so this will be interesting to try on cam right here alright so I'll be honest these points are kind of annoying me here so what I'm gonna try and do is I'm gonna try to do the points on the bottom of the board so I will whip this thing over here and we're gonna have to find it so it's gotta be looks like underneath around here oh no it's actually going to be closer to this point alright so this is a little bit interesting I was trying to solder you know this point right here just next to our 7010 and it looks like that's still the area that we have to solder to but upon further inspection it looks like I do not have a 1.1 right here I have something else I I guess I got a goop on that I just worked on a 1.1 X box so this might be a 1.2 or something but what we'll do is we'll try the solder at this point here it doesn't really matter I took it out because this just means we're not soldering any points on the bottom of the X Box it's all on the top now but the other top two points are gonna be these ones just right under our 71 so I'm not gonna use any flux on this let's try and give this a shot.

Hmm so have both those points tend let's actually get the the bridge going between the two and there we go all.

Right so those two points are bridged so this is interesting this point I was getting frustrated with and I thought you know let's try the other point without influx because I looked online I don't remember what it was but it was on some form I think I was looking into mod chips and one person was recommend they said hey if you're doing a mod chip use flux if you're not doing a much of you doing at ESOP don't use flux because it's a lot harder for whatever reason to do those points those T saw points when you're using flux and I can kind of confirm that I remember my first one I had a bit of difficulty with and the second one here that point was really easy this point not so much but I've cleaned it up pretty well so we're gonna try this again there's that point here's another let's try and bridge these two all right so some people might be wondering why there's why right there as opposed to me just out bridging the two points well if you look right let me grab something that's not gonna destroy everything and knock stuff around if you end up looking right about here that's one of the points I end up bridging or two points secondly I bridge together but here I actually end up lifting one of the pads so I'm gonna be giving this a shot I looked up some traces online and end up this pad was fine end up soldering it to what looks like an alternative point right here certainly we're gonna see what's up I'm gonna hook this all back up we're going to try and check it with BIOS checker and then I try to flash a BIOS over to this and really this all this enables these two points this just enable it if you well okay these T sup wins when you solder them all it does is enable writing to the BIOS so that's how we're going to try it if I can't write BIOS that means that is not working but if I can write write BIOS successfully then we're good to go so let's go ahead and give this all right so I got the box partially assembled and put back together I have my bios checker disk inside there which is super easy to use and I also want to say this is the guy who actually had taught me because in this tutorial how to do the original T stop was a V you mean again but huge shout-outs to slot one gamer right there he has a kick-ass Ettore all this which is why I'm kind of not doing the tutorial I'm just doing my order for your video because I feel like you know again a lot of the information is already out there it's really well delivered including his tutorial so anyways what we're gonna do at this point is turn the Xbox on again the DVD. Is already in there so just wait a few seconds Xbox and because it's soft modded it will allow us to play a burn disc so let's wait a little bit screen.

Bugs out and check that out it can detect the chip site well chip type excuse me and it's asking T sob and when I put that in before when I put this disc in before when before I had done the surgery to the system it had said unknown so from that it means that the wiring theoretically should be proper so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead take out this DVD let me go ahead.

Pop it out pop in my copy of hexen 2017.

And I'm going to turn the Xbox off turn it back on and we're going to proceed to the actual flashing portion so because hexan is hexan the light is going to turn red and it takes about a minute or so for this to boot up so we gotta wait one video I had done prior it was a let's repair episode where I was showing how I was diagnosing and then replacing the hard drive on my first he saw flash Xbox man this will not focus but how it was like diagnosing and repairing my first he saw flash Xbox a lot of people were giving me a lot of criticism on just you know my method and such one I didn't really know what I was doing but - a lot of people are saying oh well if you just waited a few extra minutes it would have loaded again the hard drive and they thought on this Xbox on that other Xbox the hard drive was dead like dead dead dead it wasn't going to work so let's go ahead load this up here I brought the unleash X stuff and there we go hexon has loaded so I'm going to go over to his tea shop and flashed X Box shipped tools now we're gonna do a tea soft flash and this is not win bond oh and it is a xbox one point two okay so I goofed on that my soft mod stuff was saying 1.1 so black can't trust that you're about to flash a non tea twin bond tea sup or watch up when you box launches yes all right so it's gonna transfer all this stuff over and I think there's a probably the last thing I'd do for tonight on this Xbox at least maybe we'll see it's like 1048 right now and it should be here soon there we go unleash X and.

There we go so I'm gonna flash it over a 256 kilobyte bios for a 1.0 to 1.5 so as.

Per slot 1 gamers recommendation I'm going with Evo X or Y box right yeah I've always said a box he says Evo X interesting and F is if we want to keep the original hard drive G F and G is if we want to put in a new hard drive because I know I'm gonna put in a new hard drive I'm going to go ahead and do F and G and brought all this up I'm going to press Y to flash bios and oh snap it's racing guys the soldering worked again if the soldering was not proper on there this step would not be working because all I did was enable read access or write taxes excuse me Xbox will turn off excellent alright now what I'm going to do is actually gonna see this immediately right here if we turn this on wait a little bit there we. Go look at that look at that we got custom BIOS on here so I'm going to boot this just regularly make sure this all works properly I'm going to turn off the Xbox so do it from cold boot no disc in the drive.

And Eva X shows up or I'm gonna start saying that now I swear all right disappeared.

There we go perfect so our soft mud and everything is still working even though technically it's now a hard modded system but check this out they're able to go ahead and still do all this stuff so perfect that is awesome we now have the top portion completed I'm also going to while I do this is an added bonus I'm also going to do this to another Xbox so I have right now I'm trying to just go through you know my xbox and make sure all them are hard modded and I have one more in addition to this one and that one while I had everything open I went ahead and opened up that Xbox on the side and quickly solder the two points there so let's go ahead and flash that one as well so kind of want to show you all if you look just to the right and above are seventy-two that point has been soldered on this one and if you come over right here just to the left of our 7d ten those points have been bridged so this has been completed I also was able to just yank this out right here that's where the capacitor is supposed to be as you can see it is no longer there so same thing on this xbox this one also has a Seagate Drive on it but it has a Thompson Drive I believe this Xbox is probably a 1.2 again like when I did this a stock mom was saying 1.1 which is interesting either way let me go ahead and hook this up and let's do the same thing on here separate Xbox but just doing this to get it out of the way alright so again got bottoms checker thrown in there you want to turn this thing on and if we come over here check this out it is a old stock bios nothing special well outside the soft mod which allows us to again play our burn disk but let's wait a few seconds screen bugs out and win.

Bond oh whoa alright this is a win bond. Interesting alright have not had to do a wind bomb before for sharps I believe let's see what happens let's just see what happens so for this one I'm going to eject hop in Hexen turn it.

Off turn it on and wait about a minute or so alright so this is a nice little bonus that you all are gonna get you all expected one Xbox guess what you got two Xbox in this video not even advertising that free xbox right there anyways ooh this is interesting this is a 1.4 all rights have not worked with a 1.4 Oh for so I'm going to go down to tea saw flash chip tools this is a wind bond flash and. I'm going to go ahead sharp only only use on a sharp T Saab I'm not going to be doing that because we don't have a sharp I'm gonna pick a box in eight plus F ng and let's see do not use this to.

Flash a ball chip or non win bond T stop it doesn't resize the BIOS if the chip is larger than 256 kilobytes and good leave you meeting okay so I definitely have one bond in particular do not leave this on a chip 1.6 Xbox yes will restart. To residue to do all right cool so and wait on this I know I got to skip that but I saw it in a slot one gamers video right here where he showed what to do so this is something I've never done before I've never had to flash or like T saw flash a wooden bond so this will be fun alright so its booting out let's see what happens lights right here go crazy and here I need to go over to Oh checking disk okay.

That actually wasn't what I was trying to do so let me restart on this alright and interesting right there does say it gives us only five seconds so I figured I would just have to do quicker this time but I'm gonna have to go all the way over to the right once this loads up properly and I'm gonna have to go to advanced and then hard drive flash and flash the BIOS on the C Drive because it's gonna copy our BIOS we're using to the C Drive so let's wait on this a bit alright gotta be really quick oh come on.

Come on come on yeah no no no no no no alright so we're back to the Xbox we were starting with this is the one point two firmware Xbox or Xbox one point two I took out the hard drive which I actually happy I could do that now because I could not get this thing like the power did not get this disconnected until you know I actually took the hard drive out and yanked it out at that point but what we're going to be doing here is let me clean this thing off first so what I'm gonna do first here is where is my hard drive I swear I'm just like Miss placing everything I'll show you all the hard drive that I'm throw it into this it's right here and there we.

Go it is a one terabyte drive and on top of that it is SATA end up getting this thing right here this is a while ago that I got this and supposed to be a IDE 2 SATA connector I was told that you're specifically supposed to try and look for one that has these two capacitors right here just because this is the one that will most time work or should work theoretically all of them should work but yeah whatever what can you do anyways what I'm gonna do here is take this connect it there there we go.

Alright and we're gonna initialize this as a whole new drive so let me it for at least at first pop it in here all right I see where we're supposed to screw it so I'm going to start screwing this thing in alright so I just went ahead and popped everything into this I could have done it upside down but I'm not going to for this sake at least let's go ahead and try and slot. This thing in so this should work I also the jumper is set to master which that should be the case normally when I upgrade these drives it's the first SATA drive I've ever done but normally with IDE I just set the jumper to master and then drop it into an Xbox that has been unlocked or as you know a watch a minute and it should work I can find all this junk and this is what I hate about these cables alright so first let me go ahead.

And kind of loop this around here have it thrown in so that is our power that is our data we can just put it in like that for good measure I'm gonna have to see how we can get this because that's a little bit loose but oh well just for at least getting this up and running this should work fine so I'm going to kind of move these away I don't need all this other soldering clean stuff right now because we've already done all we need to with it and at this point let me go ahead and hook this up to our power and video and grab a control yeah we're gonna neutralize this as a new drive alright so what I'm gonna do is turn the Xbox on see the hard drive is spinning.

Up so that's a very good very good sign it says Evo X right there and it's probably gonna bug out all this because oh hey there's nothing on the hard drive it doesn't even have a instant it has nothing written to it nothing's been initialized on it or anything so let me go ahead and grab a disc to pop it in.

And this is giving us a number seven air right there so let's turn this off turn it back on and we're gonna try and boot this up with hexon and see how this works all right and we're still getting.

A code seven either with or without any DVD in the drive so let me go ahead and look this up and see what the issue might be with this hard drive here all right so this is the problem with ordering stuff and then trying it later like wait later on so I end up ordering these ID eight key cables in May got them in June let's say and now months and months later I decided to give them a shot and so I figured out why this isn't working hard drives not working because it doesn't have enough K power so the original Xbox it uses a 40 wire IDE cable while as the hard drives if you want to do an upgrade one the recommended upgrades is to an 80 wire IDE cable I kind of missed out on IDE stuff really for the most part so this is kind of a learning process for me still at the same time whenever I work with it but I hooked this up it wasn't working because it didn't have enough power to sufficiently you know transfer stuff tuned from the drive so that's why I aired out so that's why I need 80 Y paper I have some 80 wire cables which I plan to install in here the problem is though I plugged them in they seem to work but like I don't know if you all are seeing this they they just come out with ease I'll even try it on the DVD drive here for example so I can plug that in but even just like a slight bump or whatever would pull it out just it's.

Not supposed to do that I'll show you in comparison with the original Xbox cable so this is the 40 wire cable plug it in it's nice and snug and I have to really yank to pull that out which that's how it should be so unfortunately these are not going to work I did re watch this video by I think his name is Jacob powers and I'm gonna be sure to link it down below as well but it is a it's called OG xbox mod SATA hard drive upgrade information and I ended up clicking on the link that he provided end up finding the u.s. equivalent cuz he's in Australia from what I see and end up ordering a few cables IDE cables from China so this is gonna have to be on hold for the time being so the Xbox is working its t saw flashed but I don't have any extra IDE drives anymore which is why I wanted to go SATA so unfortunately I can't use my my SATA hard drives now so I'll at least you know rewire this backup and we'll have to do a part two or something I don't know if I'm going to release this video as is with a pending part two or if I'll just slice the park to in here but we'll see what's up anyways in case I do decide to split this up into two separate videos this mr. Mario signing off thank you all for watching at one if you enjoy this video a like a very much be appreciated absolutely hated it a dislike is fine too next thing with the sex box will be eighty pin IDE cable and getting this SATA hard drive working on here and have a terabyte Xbox anyways staring out through this time everyone

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