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Original Xbox Tutorial how to Flash your Bios TSOP with IND-BIOS, format / installation WD 500GB DIY

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Original Xbox Tutorial on how to Flash/TSOP your Bios with IND-BIOS, format and installation WD Blue 500GB. How to change IND-BIOS config file ( IND-BIOS.CFG ) to make it boot XBMC

Also give you some tips:

- On SATA-IDE converter

- How cluster size is working


- IND--BIOS on Hynix chip

- Boot on XBMC

- Western Digital Blue 500gb

- Hexens 2017 disk

Can be done with 1TB and 2TB

Link for Hexens 2017: http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xb...

Link for JCRocky5 youtube channel (playlist link): https://www.youtube.com/user/JCRocky5/...

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This is a twosie this up independent.

Bias with the 500 gigabytes SATA hard. Drive hi and welcome to my t sub video on the.

Video I'm going to show you how to this up your soft mud so before we begin I'm just gonna tell you what you're going to need for this T sub mud for the original.

Xbox we're going to need a setter to ete converter some Torx 10 15 and 20 and I'm.

Gonna do it by with Western Digital 500 gigabytes from this model so for the set. Up to e de adaptor mostly I use it what.

I'm gonna use is this one here you can see here there's the pin for master and slave the two-way capacitor and if you. Flip at the other side yeah this is a capacitor you're gonna see this is gonna be no this is the same one and okay they.

Don't show the side of the circuit but mostly if you can see those two capacitor with this there's two pins for.

Master and slave you're gonna be fine there are chips cheap one some people say they have problems when they order it some some don't work when they try it up to now I am happy with it I have no. Problem at all the other one pretty similar its king win yes the capacitor or smaller and the. Pins for master slide and slave are in a different place but a lot of people recommend to use this one and I think they come with this protective adhesive and it's really worth it because you're gonna need to do that to protect your adapter from getting into your HDD and.

Do some short circuit so I'm doing it another way but yeah just keep in mind is very very important to do that and the other one people say it's flawless it's the star tech easy to set - it's a.

Bit more expensive but people say it's better loading time and they are always good to work with there's no problem at all so yeah start next what you're gonna need it's make sure to have IDE cable with 80 conductors like this one here compared to the one in the original Xbox which is 40 wire on it this is gonna help for loading time and stabilize the the hard. Drive with the Xbox it's you have to you.

Know you you have to buy this one for sure I use regular ones I know how to fold it.

And make it work inside my box but if you can buy some 24 inch long it's gonna be way easier to fit it inside the box and yeah that's it so I'm gonna start. This video right now thank you and I try to go for a big HDD so I've made some. Tests this week some information is missing or I don't understand it right because like you see English is not my first language but try to figure it out. The best way I can I'm an electronic technician in life so kind of used to this and I'm not from type of guy you say I can do it I can't do it because if you can't do it you never gonna be able to do it that's for sure if you try at least you try and I'm gonna try to explain it the best way I can so right now I have my original Xbox video this upper solder points an.

Original Xbox you have the six version version 1.02 1.5 which you can flash the.

Be us inside the motherboard of the Xbox and version 1.6 you can only have a bias.

Different bias if you put a mud ship in so this video is going to be mostly for 1.0 up to 1.5 so here we go we're gonna.

Check this out so version 1.0 to 1.1 you're gonna have.

Different bias chip like up like also.

For 1.2 up to 1.5 1.1 and 1.0 if I.

Remain if I recall it right you don't have a bigger bias bang.


So like I said before make sure to follow up next video I'm gonna come out with because I'm gonna continue the same thing but up to installing everything on the big HDD and make it work for format and stuff because the format's place is mostly where I've got problems so figuring why but I think I know it right now so this is a my like my first video I made for my channel mother and like.

This one I said you need some good soldier skills to do this I can't be old responsible for anything do it at your own risk so I think it's pretty much everything inside but soldier skill I've got to come back and you don't need that much shoulder skill just mean probably more confidence than soldiers kill for that but the thing is make sure you've. Got a good soldier I read this is where it's gonna be everything's gonna lie into it because a cheap one's gonna put.

Your shoulder pad so much eat and you're.

Not going to be able to solder at the same time because they are cheap so then you're gonna start burning your shoulder pad so just make sure you have a good errand to do your stuff make your research on Google I'm not gonna say that go buy a hundred dollar IRA but don't go buy also F 5 10 $20 cheap iron make a bit of money on it or ask one of your friend a technician we can do solder for you and just show him where to do this older point so well let's start it so like I said this is what's my video I made before and there's almost everything in it for the solder point so now we're gonna talk about T sub 1.0 1.1 do a solder bridge.

With the two pads near our seven the three and r7r three like this so this is a resistor 73 and resistors seven art three so I'm gonna show you next where they are okay.

So this is the much data bias chip I'm.

Pretty sure you see the LPC debug here so looking for those holes on your motherboard and you're gonna be right right next to it okay so this is the. First point so air our 73 is gonna be near this area with your mat and your BS chip then then you go on the other side.

So this is our cr7 r3 and you see those. Same holds that which we see the other side of the motherboard they are here right now so we do a solder bridge one pad is here one pad is here and make.

Sure to make it together.

If you have a sharp tease up on your xbox version 1.0 1.1 you will have to do a shoulder to shoulder a wire between those two points to make able to flash it there's a third wire you put in if I remember right if you recall it right the third one is mostly for give some power to the chip so yeah so now for the sharp T sub you're going to see it on the bias is gonna be sharp teeth up instead of that you maybe need to do a BS checker and also I forgot to mention at this point when you tease up your MOT your xbox make sure that it's already already been stuff modded I personally recommend GC Rocky 5 is youtube channel.

GC rocky 5 I gonna have all the links you need to download this DVD installation for soft model to do it so yeah go check it out so back to the sharp the for the sharp you're gonna this is your like the holes as you see. All on the same on the both side of the motherboard and this I guess it's underneath because you see here there's a pad protected from the shield box.

Inside by the Xbox so yeah you're gonna take this hole here and put a wire up to. This year just beside our 7r1 so make.

Sure that your chip is gonna have power to flash it so then 1.2 to 1.5.

Do a solder bridge with the two pads in the air that are due are 72 and r7d 10 so here the same stuff I was talking before they'll be CD bug it's here you're gonna have holes and this is all they all are on top of the motherboard the to bridge you need to do so one solder point pad here one solder pad here and just bridge them together and.

You go and also have r7d to one solder.

Pad here once order pad here just bridge it together usually can do it putting some enough some enough why solving wire.

On it I don't know what is the real name in English but this is what you need to solder it's a wire that's gonna melt on top of your tip of your soldering hiring ayran so yeah if you put enough you're gonna do be able to bridge them together no problem don't stay on the on the tip more than ten seconds let it let it get colder then we started if you don't do it right if you mess with it you don't do the your bridge right it's actually not gonna flash your bias but you can't.

Miss it really really really we it's only if you it's only when you do those. Bridge right that is gone you're gonna be able to flash it and for those version 1.2 to 1.5 you don't have wind but a wind bound bias this one here you're gonna have a sharp and you're gonna have onyx there's some different. Ways to flash those compared to 1.0 and 1.1 you only you're still gonna be able to flash it you're still gonna have about the same way as those version but wind bound and sharp are there so just remember if you have wind bomb or sharp you're gonna have to make sure you flash it the right way so make sure that you have you know which version you have and which bias chip you have and then with the disc we're going to be able to reflash this no problem this one is one point two oh two point one four or five and on this one I have.

A hynek's bias chip some other people gonna have a wind bound chip annex and with the wind bound one it's gonna be flashed differently you need to go by Gen tox and make it flash from there the other ones you can flash it directly from the exam DVD which is a very very.

Good DVD like I said up to now you need.

To be soft mallet to be able to read the disc and then flash your bias I recommend you to go to GC rocky our OC k.

Y5 which the guy is still working on. Softmod an xbox still give some updates on the programming and it makes some rock-solid work like the chimp is done I like wow so much easier to use and the chip before the chimp before so yeah up to now you see on this one here let me zoom I'm gonna zoom to the chip the bias. Chip so this here it's my bias chip.

It's onyx it's easy you just need a bit. Of soldiering skill at least a good shoulder because this is probably the major problem it's always a bad shoulder and you burn you stole hearing pads on your motherboard so just make sure to invest on the good soldier it's gonna be way more effective to do it then a soldier at $5 I really really recommend as a neutral electronic transition technician I really recommend you to get just a good soldier if you want to do this so it's easy solder here and so they're here my solder is not very very nice but I know they're working so I don't touch it because you don't want to touch the solder pad too much as fast as you can do it the best it is if it's if it takes you more than 10 seconds just let it stay so the past.

I'm just gonna get to a normal temperature and do it again see if you do it like for too long your band your pads coming up burning so you don't want that you don't want to lose your Xbox because you burn your pan but you're not going to lose it but you're not going to be able to flash it so yeah so on this version here and here so we're back to.

The Xbox I take the X in 2017 DVD to do.

This I'm going to put the link inside my description this mostly do everything. From A to Z almost everything I make sure seen burn it with emerge burn e mg.

Burn and make sure that you burned it at.

4x speed maximum I prefer to do 2x speed.

Because it's easier I think for the DVD to pick it up so here we go we have the eggs and 2017 disc to flash.

Your your flashy arabia's sorry for that.

So I know I get version 1.2 you can see it there on the right and I have annex bias chip so these those two informations and tell me where to go first of all I'm just gonna make sure I'm gonna clean up everything because this one is already done oh yeah like I was saying before at this point make sure that you have soft modded xbox first of all because you're not gonna be able to boot that disk so from there make sure of it probably also if you have flat you if you have stuff modded your Xbox you probably have the original in stock DVD so stick with this and then we're gonna do the t's up and.

Then change the DVD so yeah clean up the. Installation clear cache very important problem with your game starting clear cache yesterday I deprived Tom and Jerry who didn't want to boot a clear cache it was booting right away so just make sure to do that and also you will need to do this after it is up after flash a chip so you go here and you're gonna have one. Two options for flashing and you're gonna have this one for this upgrade so you started by using one of those two if you have a wind bone or shower sharp flash use 3.3 it's gonna get you to Jen talks which is a Linux program and it's gonna flash your BIOS from there I may do another tutorial tutorial showing that on and on other Xbox who had the window chip or shot or a sharp one but if you follow the what they say it's easy to do you usually you built wind bounce sharp flash it's going to get you to the Jen talks then you go from there before. The timer goes out you go up to the advanced feature and trans HAP from there you do flash bias if I recall it right HDD and then it's going to select the bias from the HDD and flash so I like I said the mine is I Nix so I'm gonna do it from three-point to use this to flash a non bound win bounty sub or mod chip when he Vox launch a cue bias chip size and Xbox version then select your preferred bias continue yes so it's gonna install it on the hard drive because you don't want to mess with the flash so it's better to have all the information already on the drive so then you do your worst you you make sure that your DVD doesn't mess up with your flash so just wait for the installation files going so now we are into the eggs and.

Flash beers like I said is some special. Diets chip gonna have bigger bias Bank but stick with 256 you make sure that everything is fine for all different bias so click on it and then you have.

You're gonna have to choose which bias you want to use like it's worked on top one point zero two one point five you have in the end dependent bias in bias.

5003 F and G F only five thousand four F and G F only the difference is five thousand four has got a reset bug fix for corn up Safari we call it right X 2 49 49 81 F ng F only an Avox m8 plus F.

Ng F only not I think you should not go.

With a Vox for bigger hard drive but maybe you know more and me on that x2 have a config file file that's you're gonna be able to update it if I recall it right but I've done it with independent bias I know I've got a config file full file for it so it's gonna do it the I don't need I don't need to reflash the Xbox I just need to edit the config file file to make it work so I want a.

Bigger Xbox Drive so f and G and press a.

This is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take this one and all my videos from here it's going to be about this bias so go it's gonna flash now you have to press.

Press Y it's gonna erase the bias it's.

Gonna flash the new one and you see hi Nicks I've got the data shows and the Xbox will so it should look like that when you reboot it you should see the logo with the other independent bias who's going to be right underneath the exam this title times to boot so be patient is going to tap and boot so yeah.

I'm back so like I was saying make sure that you can you you able to boot your DVD I've got like four or five different installation this sometimes some DVDs pick up on one better than the other one so sometimes were just what I do is I put one he's gonna pick up and then boot the one I was working with from the one it pick up happens a lot of time so I'm. Just committed so here we go we are back here so we've teased up we flashed it be. A bias with three point two or three point three depends which one you have and we go and clear the cache make sure you do that and clear installation files I just do it to make sure because I know we can mess with some booting so don't wanna mess with this then go back to option three and do the chip flash Xbox disk.

Upgrade and do clean C partition after T.

Sub flash okay but yeah I'm gonna do.

This so the code is a why the techs.

Enter so it's just saying that up to now.

Your Xbox is soft mudded and it's gonna.

Remove all the soft mud and put clean C.

Partition installation from here since you flash your Xbox you always gonna be able to restart a new hard drive with it so yeah I want you to do that and I'm gonna show you the rest after that do this to make sure your original HDD is. Made with the new config for T sub ok so.

At this point and let that your original HDD n do this and it's gonna remove.

Everything that's fine just wait for the installation to do.

After that you have two choices do a.

Clone of your drive with chimp or put.

Your new HDD drive in and start the eggs.

And disk and is right at the start is gonna ask you it's going to tell you there's a new HDD do you want to format it you said yes yes yes yes and it's gonna do a fresh install and you should be near where I'm gonna be at the end of this if you do the chimp make sure you.

Have you have the latest chimp I think it's 28 something 1 2 at the end.

Make sure you have that and it's gonna be good there's also tutorial I'm gonna probably good do one but for now I'm sticking with just make sure I flash your Xbox is. Flash and it's gonna work with your big HDD because that was my problem IDE HDD.

There's no problem it's always gonna it's always the problems always when you're gonna get higher in HDD size looks like easy on the net I have made it a couple of time but I can figure out all the time where I go now I think I know everything and but like I said feel. Free to leave me a comment on something new so yeah there's a clean a partition. Installation after Tisa ok we just put on the growth here Xbox and then File.

Explorer yeah and then we're gonna be.

Here so this is what is new inside the Xbox we're gonna need to edit the independent bias later on but for now this is what is inside nice box you see it's already been formatted or we already have some Drive on it some game on it but I'm gonna do everything from scratch everything so let's say you have.

Everything now on your original HDD and. You see partition so the GD is good for backup right now well what I recommend to do put it out put it a new one here and you want HDD hard drive also gonna have to show you some good idea to set adapter.

Because gonna need one and you're gonna need one who's gonna be able to support your xbox so I'm gonna show you some probably gonna cut the video and show you some other stuff so now you put out.

Your old HDD the original one you put in your new one you put and you bought an adapter for it and also you have two but by ide AD wire adapter and this is not.

Optional you need this just from the factory on.

The Xbox's of 40 wire IDE cable and.

You're gonna need a D warrior IDE cable.

This is very important and I'm gonna give you a link for one of my video how to fold your your new ID to make it work inside your Xbox.


So you have your ID upturned I recommend and you have your 80-wire 8id cable now what we're going to do is you're going to start your xbox start your eggs in and you're gonna be at this venue with your new HDD drive the big one you're gonna go option three and you're gonna do chip flash Xbox disk upgrade.

Like that lean C partition after T sub.

Fash it's done but we can do it again just to make sure this option removed the soft money and rebuild you see now we've done it you've done it and then we're gonna do new disc NTSC Xbox I've gotta ante in cm from America if you're from Europe you probably have a pal Australia I think in spell also but yeah make sure you have the right Xbox right NTSC or PAL for your new disc and if you're not sure just check out one of your game it's on it ps3 ps4 and anything you're always going to be able to see that information on your game so new disc NTSC Xbox do the code a Y B X.

Start it's going to start is gonna build a new disc from a T sub chip also install the crazy indoor game say which gives you a backup backdoor in case your mud chip fell once is with XP partitioner 1.3 lunch use it to format F and G okay do it okay.

And when XB partitioner press back for help press a to cycle between the standard layout f up to 1 137 gig LF f.

Up to 107 gig remain remain in G or F and G 50/50 and this is where it is going to be tricky I'm going to show you something later on to make sure that it's reformed at at the right way because this is where I mostly have problems once you have selected you prefer layout XP partition I press Start to write the partition table to the disk or press back twice to quit continue if.

Your xbox off method this will remove your soft mud and no longer be able to boot the disk this is this disk all existing data on your hard drive will be deleted from here we already have flash Tobias so we're good we can always start fresh installed with a flash Xbox yes so.

When you start the exam disk and you have a new HDD this probably supposed to be the screen you see first so what you.

Do principle trigger and Start button to continue pull trigger start Oh trigger start it's going to format everything do you have a half drive principle figure and start to format it yes I have one.

Do you have a g-drive yes right took your format because energy drive because.

I'm mostly over like 137 gig so.

Unleashes finished preparing a new drive press both trigger and start to continue so it's gonna install everything.

So we're back to the expects be.

Partitioner 1.3 l be 48 patch version 3 our independent bias flash support l be.

48 for picker drive so I already done. This format before so it's already 50/50. As you see here 229 gigabyte and 229.

Gigabyte 16 cluster size and 16 cluster sides from there what I read before it's maybe you need to just do start first and format as it show you to format but I'm going to show you different way to make sure it's formatted as the question to some 2gc for the rocky 5 GC rocky 5 and he told me that chimp always format your hard drive well so I'm just going to press start in the and format it you can also do a two cycle through the form the format size from for each age for each partition so I'm just gonna do. Start and Y and it's gonna write my partition yet you see you didn't see you didn't say format F and format G it's. Supposed to say that when it's formats but he doesn't want to do it's already done I think so I'm just gonna stick that way and show you the other way to do it to make sure so back and back wait.

A bit your exam City is going to boot after a while.

And we're back to xn city so like always.

Clear cache I don't know if it's necessarily but necessary but I do it all the time it takes 15 seconds of your.

Time so look so we've done a new.

Installation from here new disk and DSC our pal depends where you from and we are at this menu right now and we're gonna do I think it's installed application install application to e it's going to. Install XP partitioner XV DVD to Xbox and config magic yes perfect install.

Champ yes and next install the experience c2e and. This is where it's going to be installed app expensi and install the explained is expensive - shortcut if you already have experience installed you will overwrite it so yes so this is going to take a.

While though so just wait to it to finish it's just going to be back soon.

So it's BMC it's now installed again.

Clear cache okay and enough installation. File okay from there from there from.

There we're gonna go at Xbox admin File.

Explorer if you go on eat on see I said.

I want to say it's there's your BIOS configure their you're gonna need to change so if you do clear about it and you go here switch to FTP browser I know sorry open with text document text editor this is what you are not going to have on your config and if you go at the bottom.

You're gonna see the - who's gonna be boot first so - 1-2-3 DVD so here's the.

Thing partition 2 is your partition C.

And partition 1 is your partition E so.

You want to change that right because you want to boot on my on my and I want to boot two weeks BMC all the time I prefer that one so I'm gonna tell him not to boot on - okay so then I press.

Clear to make this app or open so I move. Inside this with my directional pad and I take my right left thumbstick to change this year so I want it to boot at partition 1 ok.

After that it's app folder so you put.

Whoops partition one like that and you do apps because I'm gonna show them.

Where to go look for my default point xB so apps like that then this again then.

Oops sorry aha I missed with apps then X.

B M C then this again.

And I need to call it default so I'm.

Going to go there X X X X X X X X oops.

Make sure you you go get your letters with the left top stick so the fault.

Oops I'm Lester you. Default hell.

Tea point xB he and then I'm gonna go. Back here I'm gonna say partition to and.

Give the old shortcut for it.

Partition to and then it was unleash X.

Point xB II so like this here so it's.

Gonna first boot and look for this file.

Default xB to start xpm see if you don't see it is gonna start with on the C and check for unleash point xB if it doesn't see is gonna look for evolution - and if.

It don't see nothing it's gonna look for the default xB that's why when you put a.

DVD and you don't have nothing on your hard drive it's gonna boot because at the for time is going to look for your DVD so this is done so I press select.

You have my change to a document do you want to save the change yes just gonna do make sure that everything is nice evacs XD XB e is here so this is was my.

Second dashboard it was looking for and if I go back to e apps XBMC default xB.

Whoops I pressure I press on it sorry for that but still that's good we're gonna see Xbox media center running.

It's so much nicer so yeah so if I go.

Back here I go to file manager C Drive.

This but here I can edit it but like I.

Said we've done the change so from now on is going to always try to boot from there so you can also go check for apps.

Here but it doesn't show nothing so file.

Manager and we're going to format it with chimp right now so file manager.

Each Drive apps chimp default point X.

This is the executor for Xbox so we're.

Gonna start that probably my so yeah.

Chimp is booting I don't know I'm just gonna stick with it I press ENTER and.

This is where we go with chimp also if you tease up your Xbox it's gonna be about this same program it's gonna work so as you see here it's rocky v HD -. Like the one I was talking about on the YouTube channel GC rocky v go check his channel is rockin the Xbox right now so.

I don't have a stuff modded xbox I have a t sub chip Xbox so option three a yes.

A yes a and I'm gonna scan just to make.

Sure so I've got my master drive which.

Is my hard drive with the module number and it's unlocked all the ways I always leave my HDD unlock for T sub much Xbox.

You don't need to lock it and they always going to be able to use it anyway after that if you don't want it anymore in your xbox so okay master drive options here format.

Extended partition and you're gonna have.

Different one here and F is kept at 137.

F takes all the place G space beyond 1 3 D 7 or F and G splits space evenly that's what I'm gonna take I'm gonna take F&G spit space evenly dunfin format yes it's gonna format it as you see it's kind of it's a linux it's kind of a dust right now he's gonna do everything for me. Cluster size 16 to DVD 380 460 and here.

My partition so partition 5 and partition 6 is 16 and.

Classified cluster file size partition.

The information again so right now we.

Should be good go back other option and reboot so now.

We disap it we put a new a clean installation for.

The hard drive for the dashboard we change the config file to make sure it's gonna point out to our XBMC dashboard we.

Format it with xB partitioner but like I said make sure I use chimp wood what GC.

Frocky 5 tell me that is always 100%. Success rate so I'm gonna stick with that so I'm gonna do a reboot yes.

Design reboot at Busch.

So yeah it's restarting so it's restarting it's so fast that you don't have the time to see the second and dependent bias load in it's already on XBMC so we're gonna go to file manager.

Here and here's our two new Drive from.

There they say to make sure to transfer.

A little file text and check out for the size of the HDD for this but for this you need to go one of your unleash X.

Dashboard and you're gonna have way. Better info on it so like I said go to your unleash X dashboard you're gonna be. Able to see more numbers for your partition so if you look at F and G you can see they are 0 3 0 3 if you transfer.

A text file text file is going to be. About what one kind of kilobyte and but.

Since it's 16 cluster size or 22 cluster. Size or 64 cluster size oh yeah I forgot to mention that but if you have if you.

Have 0 to 250 gigabytes is gonna be 616.

Cluster 250 to 500 32k cluster 500 to 1.

Terabyte 64 K cluster so if you just. Transfer a little file text of 1 kilobyte you're gonna actually get rid.

Of 16 kilo kilo byte every time.

If your file is one to sixteen is gonna take 16 kilobyte of space on your hard drives that's why sometimes you think you have less space then actually you have on your hard drive because if you transfer a lot of small size it's still gonna take 16 or 32 or 64 anyway so just.

Make a test like that and I'm gonna show.

You the next one I'm gonna show you how to finish your installation with some little stuff FTP and stuff so thanks hope this video helped you out add a lot.

Of question before I think I've answered.

Mostly of one of my questions but and I always opened for good comments and some good tricks and good information from you guys because I know there's people over there that know so much stuff I can know everything I don't want to be somebody you know everything so like I said feel free to give me comments tips and stuff but this is a a-to-z this up.

Independent bias with the 500 gigabytes. SATA hard drive so make sure to check out my next video if you want to continue then I have some stuff check out thank you have a good day

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