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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe PS3 Gameplay #1: The Flash [I'm on SPEED!]

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Все видео пользователя: AnimeGam3R11.

Requested by: Master Chief

In two different realities, Raiden and Superman defeat their greatest enemies, Shao Kahn and Darkseid, but their actions cause their two worlds to merge with each other. The Flash speeds into action as he confronts Deathstroke for murdering and the two collide.

Please comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBEfor more gameplay to come.

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All right what's good anime gamer 11 here and today I play Mortal Kombat vs. DC for the PlayStation 3 all right if not for this game and justice one exists alright let's see ah one player story mode right here choose your side oh.

Please this ain't even a question DC all-day.

Metropolis a shining example of human achievement this is where we made our final stand against Darkseid and his army of parademons born in the fire pits of a distant world called apocalypse but what seemed like victory was only the beginning. It's over Darkseid don't be so sure Kryptonian sermon remember that.

Took you long enough Luther you.

Threatened the safety of Earth for your own personal gain you allied yourself with Darkseid I was only trying to ensure humanity's survival in the event that you and the other so-called heroes failed.

Darkseid's activated another dimensional boom to is going to escape this isn't over don't be so sure he beamed bitches you're stabilizing the boom zone.

I'm amazed you didn't kill us save it Luthor you're going to jail but this time you'll be someplace much more secure than Strykers Island what she'll.

Put him in Arkham Asylum I'll make sure your cell has a nice view of Earth.

Reports are coming in that darkside have been defeated by Superman though the invasion is in fact Homer the looting continues.

Deathstroke how's it going yeah it's been a while all right got all the money for you yeah no no no please I got the money Wow oh you should have paid up sooner.

You'd still have a hit.

Dang note to self do not owe this guy money.

Metropolis isn't your turn I suggest you run back to Keystone City before something bad happens don't bother getting up Deathstroke you're going to jail not without a fight wrong wrong floor it.

You heard flash you're going to jail now let's see if I still good damn I still got it oh no oh ah by guess what guess what I'm.

Too fast oh wait that was with it okay wait come on get up No Oh hold that look.

At the wall oh shit he negated it all right guess what guess what Oh get thrown around the room oh oh shit.

He saw coming hmm get him look at the beginner to the.

Flash oh oh oh you saw that nice dip.

Breakdancing okay yeah I see you destro too fast. Hmm I still got it around a world war Oh Dean that move is.

So cheap Oh me can't see me too fast.

Get him don't get you aah.

Man I wonder how many of you guys have had problems with flash uses online I mean I know I feel he's such a cheap character in this game flashed a Wonder.

Woman I just went three rounds with Deathstroke I'll contact metropolis PD I need you in Gotham no problem oh gosh.

Are you okay I'm all right just dizzy you've been running from city to city for hours forget about Gotham uh last Martian Manhunter I'm fine Diana I just felt strange for a moment I'm on my way to Gotham now.

Busy night for the bats and even he can't be everywhere at once what he.

Doesn't know won't hurt him know what it might end up hurting you in the long run hand it over Catwoman sorry red no can do I'm protecting it where do you think you're going you forgot who he was I can.

Never figure you out one minute you're a hero the next year criminal I'm a complicated woman you know I don't feel like chasing you anymore and I don't have time to explain myself we don't have to fight oh but I want to this one doesn't know who she.

Dealing with to us we got the tip to the. Cash okay I like that I like that oh oh.

Okay I didn't like that one no get down right just uppercut guess what oh yeah I liked it Oh me get up Oh get a flash but.

The flash lose this round 180 days good.

Again Oh bring that righteous uppercut guess what.

Guess what Gibby flash flying it don't.

Mind if I do man this is why flash was a cheap character that around the world shit was annoying especially that one sheet where you get the uppercut the dude can you do that infinite oh I forgot how that went oh try to push her no no there you go.

Dean guess what too fast.

Yeah yeah shit down get your ass whipped yeah man Josh wins.

This is why I don't blame nice with you hero types these are a fetcher tardy. Some all right what's your deal.

You don't look so good night I'll take that hey and she kept running like she.

Couldn't stop over the gym back off freak she took it so you helped her escape I don't like your attitude you need to be taught some manners too.

Fast defense defense.

You give cabal a run for his money my turn role long for it are you about.

To find out that I'm in a completely differently from football guess what get beat the ball can't do all this I'm too fast get all day in that rolling bottle Thunder no oh damn that rolling ball. Oh no no no close combat I forgot about this do you okay I'll give you that.

Oh then he's actually messing me up.

Down you go got him oh wait maybe you got me Oh.

MIT done look Oh oh no no oh here.

Oh how'd he get me never know he's right. There get him flash ah that's why crack.

Their neck he's ready he's ready nope Oh get all that nice good one I.

Like that get your ass down that's right get beat get back here oh dang wretches uppercut no let's push them away two three the digital flash Oh.

Everybody mm-hmm good night let me.

Separate that Oh all right give me two seconds okay I'm back mmm Oh what the hell yes fine it Oh.

Dan Caitlin's ready you saw how you got up he's ready for this but guess what I was born ready mmm in that oh okay oh shit how'd he do.

That okay ding - Cass good night.

I'll be right there two seconds done.

Did that Ronin boss dumping all right I'm back Oh Dee get him flash all right.

I'm mad now I'm mad Oh oh okay I guess he's mad to get him no what the fuck hard to give me are we still in the ground ah oh okay okay close right cuz I know.

Game who is that man and what are you.

Doing in Gotham man in this free time. You trying to kill me and now I'm gonna return the favor no you're not it's clear something's wrong with you the flash I know doesn't kill he does now Oh road rage.

Fine my boy Batman I'm sorry Batman but. It has to be done ah man you only have to say his what sucked in this game no he was going for.

Trip sees no MS trick I gotta be careful with this guy who met one two three I'm.

Flash holy come to the Flex you know.

It'd be nope saw that coming Oh oh wait oh he I guess it's a babe Wow.

Righteous uppercut Forge oh that man a.

Mess around the more you crack this neck he's ready for this room keep feet dang I forgot how much I love this game oh dang I brought back two seconds.

Oh I'm repelled goddamn bitch I'm right back oh oh no no I got my own get up and.

That move is cheap mmm this is the computer so it doesn't matter oh I'm sorry Batman I thought you were a master of combat.

Don't get cocky I am

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