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Install Ubuntu Linux using a bootable USB Flash Drive on any Computer

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This a complete walk through on how to create a bootable usb flash drive with Ubuntu Linux on it, and then install it to a laptop or any PC. I will show you all the files and tools you need to download and walk you step by step on how to install ubuntu onto one of my spare laptops.

Thank you for watching, ask questions in the comments section.

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Hello and welcome to sake Tech so in today's video what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and install Ubuntu onto a laptop using a USB flash drive so that we're going to do a step by step process here I'm going to go to the Ubuntu website download the ubuntu iso image then i'm going to burn the ISO image onto this USB key and I'll take this USB key and plug it into a laptop and then we're going to install ubuntu on the laptop so the first step you're going to do we're going to download Ubuntu operating system I so put it on this USB hard drive it's going to be bootable so then we're going to plug this into a laptop and then we'll install Ubuntu Linux on to the laptop so. Let's not switch to my computer over there and the first step I'm going to show you everything step by step from downloading to burning to taking the USB key and putting it into the laptop so the first thing I'm going to do I'm going to plug this to this computer okay so if you have a USB key right now plug it into your computer okay so now that I have switched to my computer I am at Ubuntu calm I'm going to show you exactly where to go go to download and what we're going to do is we're going to download Ubuntu desktop so just click that and then from here you know you have two options you got one - 12.10 or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS this actually is a.

Better operating system with some extra features you can download this if you want really doesn't matter you know you do this once you can do it forever so you can keep trying this or that they're both free so I want you to choose a flavor here it says oops it says 32-bit is recommended if it's recommended just get that one so in my case I will download the ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit recommended version I already have this download is all you have to just click this and follow the prompts okay so in the next is to get a program which we're going to use to burn down to ISO image we just downloaded onto the USB key that is currently plugged into my system so this is where I want you to go you go to pendrive linux.com slash Universal on a.

Second a universal - USB - installer -.

Easy - as - 1 - 2 - 3 if you go here.

This is the software I want you to download this software makes it very very easy to burn copies of ISO images to CDs or USB keys or whatever you need to do so at the bottom here is the download link just click that download it and install it ok and I'll show you exactly what to do to burn this whole thing be right back ok so both of the files that we need are downloaded this is the universal USB installer 1 2 3 and this is the coupon - ISO actually you don't have to install this you just run this straight from your desktop I just put these files here to make it easy for you guys to see exactly what I'm doing so just click this and click yes agree. And all you have to do is you pick the version of the Ubuntu that you downloaded I did that 12.04 desktop version so I'm clicking this and then you have the option to download the ISO right here if you want to I don't need to so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna browse to the ISO image that's sitting on my desktop right here desktop here it. Is click open and it loads right here and the only other thing you need to do is you need to select your USB flash drive letter so - f I know that for a fact you guys can just go to your computer to make sure about that once you're done click create let the whole process run and you're actually done then you can pull out that USB stick and that USB stick has move on to on it and it's bootable alright thank you I'll be right back okay so as as I've said the USB stick is now ready so I have a USB hub right there I'm going to lean over here and pull it out and this is the USB stick that in fact now has Lubang to Linux on it I can take.

This and plug it into a laptop and then I can actually install the lab install the Ubuntu onto the laptop I'm going to show you that process next okay so here's my laptop and what I'm going to do before you plug in the USB stick into the laptop you need to go to the BIOS settings well if your laptop and make sure that it boots using a USB stick or a USB flash drive and I'm going to show you how to do that when you power on your system now there's a little shortcut key you go to press it could be f to f8 f10 it takes you to the BIOS settings so in my case it's f2 so I'm going to power this guy up keep pressing f2 and as you can see I am now in the.

BIOS settings and most of the time you.

Have to go to D let's just go up a little bit here okay perfect you have to go to the boot menu and you can use your arrow keys just to go back and forth in fact there's a little help menu right here it shows you how to do what so you press the arrow you go to boot and make sure you bring USB storage stick it could also say USB flash drive out to number one so that means if you. Have a USB stick attached to your laptop it will boot from this USB stick which in this case it's going to load up Ubuntu Linux okay so when you do this you have to save it so in my case if you look at the bottom here it says f10 to save and exit and that's what I'm going to do yes and I'm.

Just going to shut it off okay and next.

I'm going to go ahead and install Ubuntu so let's plug in the USB stick to the.

Side so I'm plugging the the stick is being plugged right here on the side power cord back in press power you can.

Use fix this up.

Okay as you can see the installer for Ubuntu came up and using the arrow keys look what happened okay so by default it's loading the basics let's take a look at this whole thing there you go.

This actually loaded the Ubuntu Linux straight from the USB stick you can do that too well you don't press anything it by default launches Ubuntu but when you do that right here it actually says that you can if you click this you can install Ubuntu okay so let's do that.

Okay and from here on to be honest it's a very easy process all you have to do is click you pick your language and you click continue and then just follow the.

Prompts here I'm just going to leave everything default because I'm just isn't just a test system continue and.

Then it wants you to pick a network but.

I'm not going to pick any one right now I'm just going to do I don't want to connect to a Wi-Fi network right now and click continue.

Okay so I have Windows Vista already installed on this computer so it's giving me an option once you install Ubuntu alongside Windows Vista or replace Windows Vista with Ubuntu I can do either one or something else another option what I'll do is I'll do a dual boot installation so I'll click this first one now if you don't have anything. On the computer we just go start installing the whole machine so click continue and then it wants me to create.

A partition allocate drive space by dragging the divider below let me see which one I want to use here so I have one drive split that I'll do 60 gigs.

Okay install now okay.

You know what we're just going to go back and I'm just going to actually.

Replace windows with Whistler with Ubuntu I can put whis top back on later so I'm just going to click this click continue and my file size is 250 gigabytes so I'm just going to go ahead and click install right now you can see.

A little better if I twist it over okay.

So it's copying a files.

And while the FA's are being copied at the bottom here you can appear choose other options that keep clicking continue so it says pick the location you're in I'm just going to New York and I'm going to click continue and then. I can select my keyboard language and keyboard type click continue and then it.

Wants me to put a name so I'll just do a test system in fact let's do it this way.

Let's do count okay and then password.

I'm just going to take a basic password here weak password confirm the weak.

Password and require my password to log. In ok click continue my actually has a.

Webcam forget about that pick a astronaut image to continue.

Okay so another process continues and you are installing Ubuntu it says almost. Finished copying files okay so what I.

Did was I I pause the video because it was going to take a long time to for the solution to complete but now it's completed says installation has finished you can continue testing Ubuntu this is the test portion so but until you restart the computer any changes you make or documents you save will not be preserved so I'm not going to do continue testing what I'll do is I will restart now.

Okay Ronald one two.

Tell you what I'm actually go ahead and I'm going to pull this out okay because because this is already stuck into my device it keeps loading from the usb so I'm going to pull this out I'm going to power this off I'm gonna restart it see.

What happens.

And there we go so you have to remove the USB stick from the computer after you're done installation because the computer keeps trying to boot from the USB and we're done with the USB we actually installed Ubuntu onto the laptop so the laptop is ready to go okay there you go so it's now loading the operating system that we installed on our hard drive and then it asked me for.

My password.

And there it is there is Ubuntu completely installed on this laptop using a USB key just to give you a quick glance you got the Firefox here you've got libre office it's a a word processor you also have a calculator you got a what is this presentation software kind.

Of like PowerPoint and a bunch of other things so well this is up to you to play with this video has company and we have done what we were supposed to if you guys have any questions just ask me in the comments section below if you like this video click the like button and subscribe to my channel because I'll be putting more and more videos up just like this one thank you for watching have a good day guys

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