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How to make a bootable pendrive for windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP [Simple step by step guide] 100% working.

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You guys if you haven't yet then subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon and never miss every different eco friendly hi guys once again welcome. To Toco friendly so today I am going to show you guys how to make a bootable pendrive so recently I made a video on how to make a bootable DVD or CD drive using which you can install any operating system that you want so today I am going to show you guys how to make a bootable pendrive so without wasting. Any time let's get into the video so first of all what you gonna need is a no and I saw an image file of the operating system that you want to install so here I have got Windows 10 latest version of Windows 10 with me the ISO image file which you can obviously download from download using media creation tool or from windows you know website or any. Other operating system like Windows 7 or any other XP that you want to install in your PC then you're going to need an application called Rufus now I'll put the link in the description below so don't worry about that now this is a runtime application so you do not want to install it or anything just run it get your stuff done that's it closed application you don't want to uninstall it or anything just just run it do your stuff that's it complete so download it and then run it. Yes now here you're gonna need a blank.

Pendrive now I'm installing a Windows 10 so for for operating systems like Windows 10 you're going to need at least a 8 GB Penrod so right here i am a god.

A 32 GB pen drive planck pendra now see to it that you remove all your stuff from that pendrive before you do this because once you make it a bootable pendrive you're going to lose all the data that you had in that pen drive so make sure you keep a backup of your data before doing this all right so connect the bang pen drive to your PC then it will appear here in the device if it is not then your pendrive is not connected properly or you haven't connected it properly or your system cannot detect dipendra so after you connected it it will appear here then you have to select if you want.

To have if you want a non bootable you know pendrive then you can select that freedos now here you have to you know. Select disk or is image file then select.

Go to the or select the I use image file.

That you have downloaded so after selecting it just keep everything as it is and the status is ready just click on.

Start so here here there you go they are.

Telling me a warning they are giving giving me a warning that all the data in that pendrive in that drive will be destroyed so just see it with that you keep a backup of whatever data you had on that pendra so just click on now right now I don't have any data on that so I'm gonna go ahead and click on OK.

So here you can see it have started you. Know the process so copying the ISO file let it do the process.

So there you go guys it have completed the process so now go to your. File explorer though you can see this Windows 10 bootable Drive over here now.

I'll show you once again just and then. Attach it again so here you can see this icon which shows that it's a bootable Drive now you can use it for installing Windows 10 or any other operating system that you want to install in your PC now guys after you install your operating system now you gonna ask me what if will it be reusable can I use it again yes definitely you can use your pendrive again you can retrieve you can you know.

Make it like it was before you made it a bootable Drive all you have to do is just click on it and format it just format it and it will go back to how it was it will be a normal removable drive.

As you can see you can copy paste anything any file and you have got your pendrive back you can also rename it whatever you need tekko friendly and or. Anything it will just be a normal pen drive so guys that's what that's how you can make a bootable pendrive of any operating system that you need still you have got any doubt feel free to share it in the comment section below I will respond to all the queries also guys I have started a new gaming channel so if you haven't checked it out yet go check it out I'll link it in the description below all sums up and also don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned for all my future videos that's it see you guys in my next video till then take care bye bye

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