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How to Back Up Your Computer to a Flash Drive

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Все видео пользователя: Brian Mahoney.

Little details and tricks and tips on how to get the stuff from your computer to a flash drive. You can to the same thing to an external hard drive or to a DVD. If you have a Blu_Ray DVD writer, you can even make a data DVD which will hold a lot more than a normal DVD. Questions? Comment here or on our Facebook page. Link will appear below.

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Greetings everyone today I'm going to show you to backup files to a USB flash drive.

What I've got here on the left is what's. On my current pc Mike my desktop computer on the right hand side is the USB stick so we have down here we have.

File explorer and we could even have a we've opened by pressing it you get one window by right-clicking it and choosing file explorer you get another window so we've opened up one for the flash drive which opens automatically when we pushed it into the USB slot and this one we have to open ourselves now here are some tips before you do anything make it right click inside the USB Drive and make a folder and this is going to be backup of PC and then put the date 2017.

It's February so we will go to well we could go fab to keep it straight and the date is the first so we'll do that we'll click press the Enter key now if we press the Enter key again that will be open on this side we have all the stuff.

That we want to put into this drive so what we're going to do let's say we want to put some of these things in here let's go into what's a good one here's a.

Movie I don't think I have any notes okay here's some notes I don't know what these are these are I think from the the notepad so we could choose one and we could right-click and go copy alright we could choose the first one and maybe choose by holding down the control key we could choose the third one the fourth one fifth one whatever and then the last one and we could right click and then go copy or we could choose the first one and then hold down the shift key and press the last one so that means they're all selected all that means you haven't done any you just selected now we're going to go right click and we're going to go copy if you go cut these things are sucked up. Into the system memory and then you can put them all over into another folder somewhere the problem with that is if something screws up in the middle these things may go back to where they were or they may not if you go copy these are all left here but they're copied over into the right hand side so once you know that they're all here and everything's safe I don't know what just happened but anyway we'll right-click again we'll go down to the Kingston oh there we go I don't know what happened with it but anyway so they're there and this is the back up of Si and that's it so we didn't lose anything now if we go back to this and we go back to we'll just go back one where's that button there it is that takes us back to the main screen we could go into a movie we.

Made a DVD Gentlemen Prefer Blondes so we've got all the files here now we can copy a folder to right-click copy the whole folder we could copy the files as I just showed you or we could copy eat just one file and then another file by holding down the ctrl key that's all. Good easy to do all of your stuff is on the left hand side this is your whole computer if you want to find all the drives there's all the drives there and you on this side you single click on this side you have to double click program files so we have to double click to see these and inside each of these there are other files so you kind of have to know where things are the easiest way to find something quickly or. A more or less quickly depending on your computer let's say you know that you this could be like your own personal Google so you type up here what you're looking for on your computer and it could be like Joe's letter or or Mary's graduation photo whatever or you can use what's called a wild card let's say you want to find all the text documents on the computer every single one this is going back to ms-dos of course so what we're going to do is go hold down the shift key and we're going to use a wild card which is an asterisk then we're going to go a period and then we're going to go txt and that's going to find all the text files on the computer I could go AVI.

That ones rather dangerous on this computer so we're not going to do it or we could go we could find every single file on the computer believe it or not by typing that now that asterisk means any the period separates the any from the file type and this is any file type so by doing that you're finding every. Single file on the computer which is foods pretty cool there be easily half a million on this computer if it's on another Drive obviously you can find it on another drive here D or C or whatever once you find the stuff you can it over into the flash drive now you kind of have to make sure you've got enough room in your flash drive to hold stuff so you're right click it then you go properties and this says that this has.

But 16 total gigabytes 14 and a half. Actually we've used 13 gigabytes we have.

Two and a half gigabytes left before you copy a movie over or a whole bunch of files you know you want to make sure you've got room on your on your drive so we're going to stop this now the last step that I think I want to show you let's go into something ok let's go into.

This one and you know that stuff we just copied over this stuff let's go all these numbers over here that's the size but I want to find out how big this whole section is so I'm going to highlight the ball and then I go right click and then I'm going to go properties and that will tell me that those whatever files there's how many there 11 take up half of gigabytes.

Megabytes 535 kilobytes actually it's.

Not have to have a megabyte anyway that shows you how you do it you could also right-click the whole folder uncle properties and it will tell you how big that folder is reason you do that is to find out if you have enough room on your drive to swap you know to copy things over alright we're finished that you've done your backup and you've got all the stuff you wanted to off the computer now you want to take the flash drive out of this the computer you have to first close this down you can't just yank the flash drive out you'll scramble everything on it so so don't do that you're going to close this down you've got to go down here I know if you can see this or not and we're going to go say free move hardware and then we're going to eject the data traveller and this comes up saying sure you take it out now we'vewe've we're not using anymore don't ever take out a flash drive from the slot until you get that notification for windows yeah I don't care if it takes 10 minutes 15 minutes half an hour for it to get rid of whatever it's doing you have to do that otherwise she'll scramble or corrupt everything on the drive sometimes you say sometimes it'll work out sometimes it won't it's better not to not to do it though even if it takes shutting the computer down if you shut your computer down windows gets you know gets its hands off everything and just shuts down that's fine if you can do that all right that's my video for the day computers made simple over and out if you have any questions just ask all right

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