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How to Transfer (Move/Copy) Files from Computer to USB Flash Drive & Vice Versa!

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I show you how to move/copy files such as photos, videos, documents, music, movies, etc from your computer to your USB flash drive (thumb drive, usb drive, external storage device, portable hard drive, etc) and vice versa. I know this video is very basic for alot of you but there are people out there that still need assistance. I tired to explain everything in laymen terms so please forgive me if this video was a little slow. Thanks for watching!

Appreciate any Subs. Thank you.

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Okay so you guys want to know how to transfer files documents like music files videos photos pretty a computer to a USB Drive or another name for USB Drive could be a flash drive or a thumb drive basically a thumb drive is basically a external storage device so even if you guys have like a external hard drive I mean that's that is a also a external storage device and to transfer documents between the device to the computer it all works the same way guys so why don't we go ahead and get started okay so I haven't plugged in my USB Drive yet or my flash drive so we want to do first just to make it easier just go ahead and open up a fog fog explorer on your windows computer and just so that you guys know I'm running Windows 8.1 but all versions are very very similar so let's open up file explorer what you do is you go to your desktop and you'll have this icon or you should have this icon up here like a computer myself this pc but yours may say my computer or computer depending on what version of Windows you have go ahead and double click it and then you want this Windham a pop-up here now just you know just in case if you guys don't have this icon up here up what you can do is you can right click on your desktop and you can go down to personalize and then once you're there click on right here where it says change desktop icons click on that and then simply make sure it's the computer is checked and click OK and then your this computer icon will click up there ok and another way to open this file explorer guys like for instance if you have this like folder down here guy you can just click on that and the false floor will open up or another way is if you have people down your Start menu in a bottom left-hand corner and you right click oops go back to my desktop you just right click and then you go to file explorer and then the box for opens up okay so let me go ahead and transfer some documents so let me go ahead and insert my flash drive into my computer right now and you can see that there's nothing on here yet guys so I'm going to wait for it to to register so they did so it's in right now and let me wait for another try the pop-up okay so Mike so my flash drive here is mean my flash drive and it's on the letter of the drive D okay so what I'm gonna do here close that is I'm gonna go ahead open up my flash drive and you can see I have like 16 gigs left out of like a zip this is a small 30 gig drive so I'm just going to go and double click it and you can see that I have you know a few other folders in here I have a mp4 video here I have a document right here so what I want to do now is I want to open up another box for so I can show you guys easily how to transfer so let me open up another file explorer just what you can do is any of the steps I just told you or just go back up here and double click on just a computer icon and this will pop up okay so now take a look okay this is my PC this is my computer here guys and if I click over here you can see that you know the last wording on here is flash drive so I'm on mine this is my flash drive so let's say I have some documents on like Peter that I want to transfer on to my flash drive so let me go into my computer here let me go in your videos and okay so here's some videos here and you see I have some pictures like in this folder so let me do this first let me go back into my flash drive and I'm going to make a new folder here guy so I'm going to right-click I'm going to go to new and I'm going to click on folder and let's just call this a computer okay and.

Imma show you several ways how you can do this so let's say you have some videos here that you want to transfer now don't forget it's a difference between like copying something and moving something okay guys if you want to copy something you know for instance if I copy uh I'm just going to copy this one video into this boat my computer folder here my flash drive so if I just click on it hold the left click down and drag it over and I'm gonna highlight my computer that I'm going to let it go and now basically I copied it so now I have a copy in both on both my my computer as well as my flash drive now let me just right click on here and go to view because it's showing details right now let me just show like a large icon and you can see that I have that on here now if I wanted to move let's say these. Three videos on here as well they're not going to simply just highlight all these three and then what I can do is I can just drag and I can drop it right in here and boom here you go okay now let. Me just uh delete these another way you can do it is sort of drag and drop you can simply just highlight the ones that you want right click and then you can click on copy and then I can go over here click on this window right click and go to paste okay now I don't forget I just copied it guys so now I'm going to have a doob okay I'm going to have the same thing on my computer as well as my my flash drive me go ahead delete these again and let me just show you so if I just want to move it if let's say here I'm just going to pick I'm gonna hold down the control button and you can select whichever video or files that you want so I'm just going to click on this one this one and this one so I'm going to select these three videos but what I want to do is I want to cut I'll basically want to move it on to from my computer to my flash drive so once I move it I have the right click I'm going to click on cut and then imma come over here I'm gonna click on paste now once I paste it guys it is going to leave my computer and old solely be on my flash drives on the click on paste and you can see it's going to disappear from here my computer and now it's only in my flash drive same. Thing if I do like I let me go into my pictures here pics and videos so I mean if I wanted to copy something you know you can simply drag each one so which means just the copies all but duplicate on both sides you copy here to copy here I can just just like this and if I.

Wanted to move it basically cut and then. I can go to paste here then it's going to move it out of here and I can always move it back I can revert it back too so if I have a copy here I'm going to bring it back in here now I just copied it now I have a copy in my computer as well as my flash drive now let me just go ahead and click on back here now you can see that the folder diet may was called computer this is my flash drive guys look up here I just click on my computer and basically these are all the videos and the photos that I have in there and of course you can always go and you can make new folders in here if you want to put difference of subfolders under this particular folder and stuff like that so it's pretty simple because of questions or anything I just comment below all right thanks guys

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