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How To UnRoot Any Android Device (No PC)

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www.techzaada.com UnRoot any Android Phone or Tablet under 2 minutes.

Rooting your device is fairly simple, depending on which device you own, different methods apply to different devices and its models. There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos online that teach you how this can be done easily. Chances are, you might be rooted. Often times, Rooting your device modifies system files that OEM software can detect. Un-Rooting your device isn’t as difficult as it sounds, its way easier than Un-Jailbreaking an iOS device. There are many reasons to why you would consider Un-Rooting your Android device.


How To Root Any Android Without PC. Safe & Easy Method


A few reasons would be that a rooted application or program you have downloaded and installed may have its negative impact on your device and is causing all sorts of problems. Un-rooting your device will obviously revert your system’s state, depriving installed Rooted apps and programs of Root Access and permissions, so they will have no chance to take effect.

Another reason why you would want to un-root your device may be because System Updates via OTA will not let you proceed with the Update download/install because the system has detected that your device has been modified through rooting. System updates are sometimes crucial, solving critical issues, security vulnerabilities, bug fixes, and quality of life changes, something that we should all do on a frequent basis when available. In this guide, we will walk you through step by step on how to un-root your device. You will be amazed at how incredibly simple it is. Let’s get on with it then.

If your device is Rooted, chances are you probably have SuperSU installed, or may have flashed the SuperSU update flashed via Recovery/Custom Recovery. This method we will be discussing about is the process of Un-Rooting via SuperSU app.


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