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CLEAN FLASH IPSW + DFU Mode Using 3utools

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Все видео пользователя: Komunitas Apple Indonesia.

Description : Clean Flash IPSW + DFU Mode Using 3utools

English Version :

Clean Flash IPSW + DFU Mode Using 3utools

1. Connect your iDevice using Original Cable and Internet stable

2. Open 3utools and make sure your iDevice is read by 3utools

3. If your iDevice reads Recovery Mode then next please click: GO FLASH

Then please download IPSW (Firmware) that suits your iDevice.

Note: The download will be automatically saved at: Local Disk C - 3utools - Firmware

4. Next click Import and enter the IPSW (Firmware) that you have downloaded earlier

5. Go back to iDevice menu then click: Exit Recovery Mode next make sure you enter DFU Mode

6. If 3utools is able to read DFU Mode please select Multyple Flash method (3rd order) then klil FLASH.

Note: Make sure all the boxes do not exist in the mark and Make sure to Port readable, iDevice unreadable and Flash unreadable

7. Wait Process, if smooth then you will go to status: Clean Flash has Complete

8. Done and please connect iDevice to itunes and do activation and do Restore from Back up or you can do it via iDevice with Wifi connection.

Download 3utools : www.3u.com


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Source / Sumber from : Komunitas Apple Indonesia

Video Tutorial Uploder by : Teguh Santoso

Thanks to : 3utools

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