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How to Flash Every Phat Xbox 360 Drive!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.

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0:00 - Intro/Drive and Flashing Info

12:57 - Software and Firmware Downloads

14:08 - JungleFlasher Setup

17:38 - FLASHING: Samsung Drive

21:55 - Burning a Hitachi 79 Unlock Disc

23:06 - FLASHING: Hitachi Drive

25:18 - FLASHING: BenQ Drive

26:54 - FLASHING: Lite-On Drive


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Hey what is going on everyone it is me mr. Mario and if you're clicking this you probably want to flash your xbox 360 so this is going to be for all fats I'm going to cover all models and doesn't matter what to the motherboard where you have or anything it doesn't matter what type of drive you have because I'm going to be covering all drive types in this guide I have guides on flashing fat drives however I'm doing this just because there's been some new additions and all even though everything is mostly the same and all to see I felt like now I can do much better job actually making a video editing it and just putting everything together in one clip so this going to be for all four drives I'm going to have annotations down below or if you just want to skip immediately to what drive you have you can click the time mark on there and you can pick out your drive so first off I have all four drives lined up right here on my floor you're first going to have to open up your Xbox 360 console and pull out the drive I'm not going to help you out with this because it's pretty simple to do the tools are very accessible to find and you could just look it up online I know Lancome has a great guide then there's just several great guys for taking apart of bad Xbox on YouTube and Google and all that so you could just look that up and pull your drive out now you might have any one of these drives you will having any one of these stripes and I'll show you what they are from left to right so first off if you have one like this where the label is upside down this is a Samsung Drive and it is recognized right there where it says Toshiba and Samsung storage technology just right there this is samsung Drive they come in two variants there is the MS 28 and the MS 25 now if you have an MS 25 you're just going to be flashing over an MS 28 firmware if I remember correctly it could be vice versa since it's been a while since I've done a samsung but honestly they're pretty easy to do and it's really not going to make a difference there so I'll go ahead show you all that and then right here if you have a drive that looks like this it will be a Hitachi and there are several Hitachi's available as you can see this is a 79 Drive I picked out the 79 we because technically this is the hardest-hit talkie to do so if you could do this you can do any of the Hitachi's and the only thing that makes it harder is that you will need a blank disk to burn off a 79 on mock disk however sometimes you might not need to do and I'll go into that later but that's a hip hop T Drive right here these two look a lot alike but there is a difference first off right here we have the BenQ drives and this is a bad 6038 as identified right there and even down here it's going to say Ben Q it might say Philips I mean it's going to change it's going to be a real big variant on whatever Drive you have but if it's Phillips or Ben Q it is a big Q Drive and all them are bad 6038 and finally right here technically the hardest of all of the fat drives we have the light on DD 16 to s this is identified right there as the 16 D 2s and then where is light on I'm not there we go Philips and light on so right there sometimes people will get the fit because both of them are Philips but there's been Q Philips and light on Philips sometimes people just refer both them as Philips which is wrong one of them is light on one of them is Vinnie Q there is a big difference so you can't get the mixed up anyways we got all Ford the drives right there now I'm going to show you what all you will need to flash a drive and technically this going to be stuff I use it really doesn't matter what you use because there's so many ways to do this but I will show you what all you will need all right so first off I'm going to be showing what I use and you could buy these things this is more of you have multiple consoles or if you're doing a flashing service of any kind it'd be good to get these if you're only doing one system then you could do the cheap way but this is the way I am doing it so first off what I do is I use the X 360 USB pro now I'll go ahead and open it up and I'll show you all what it is this is about 40 50 dollars I believe but it has a SATA cable in here this is for the data port on any of your drives so as you can see it just hooks in right there to the back of your drive so you have that and it is a little device like this which is essentially a SATA to USB adapter except it's specially designed for the Xbox so this is what I use for data however you also need something to power it now all my power to make everything easier what I do is I use the executor ck3 light now I don't think they sell this anymore they do make something else there's actually a device I don't remember what it is it's about I want to say eighty ninety dollars but it's essentially the ck3 light and the x360 USB pro combined into one so you can just have one device instead of two now go ahead open this up this is essentially I'll show you all right here a 360 power adapter for drive to a four.

Molex adapter so if you have any of these in your computer you just use that as power or you could buy a external molex power supply which is what I use for flashing all of my drives so I just have these hooked up into the back and normally I'm good to go like so and I could flash any of my drives now here's the cool thing if you want to do it like this you could have both of these two devices and you could use these for any Samsung Drive and any BenQ Drive for flashing however you can use them on most Hitachi drives there are several variants of the Hitachi drives all the way up to the 78 however if you have a Hitachi 79 Drive just like me you're going to have to have a blank cd-r so you can burn off a Hitachi 79 unlock disk so that's going to be the extra thing that you will need aside from that you'll just need this device this device right here and then a power connection a SATA connection and you'll be good to go now one thing some people might be asking right now is about this if this is only a USB to a SATA connection why would you spend $40 on this when you can get something like this this is the same thing it is a SATA to USB connection as you all can see right here and the reason why you can't use this is just because they really don't work I really can't explain it but they just do not work with Xbox drives I have been told however some people have said that you can use one these two flash a Hitachi drive but you can't flash any of the other drives they will not be recognized in Jungle flasher which is the program we're going to be using so if you are using one of these this guide will not help you because I have not used these I don't have intention of using them and I really don't support them as the thing so if you're coming to this kind of specifically using one of these you can follow the guide but you're going to be on your own I won't be able to help you out with this now finally out of all these drives you might be asking what's up with the light on because I haven't covered it well with the light on this is going to be the hardest drive out of all of them as I said to hack up so we have it right here and for this you're going to need some path weld some data some power but you're also going to need one more thing to retrieve your drive key you're going to need a probe so there are several variants of the probe you can buy the probe 3 and all this stuff I'm showing you could buy off X consoles or mod chip central.com and this is what the probe 3 is it is just a really really big power adapter or power cable as you can see but right here it has a inline power button just to cut off the power real quick when you're pulling the drive key off and it has an actual probe on here so you will need one of these now you can make one of these on your own it's not too hard or you can buy one like this for about twelve or fifteen dollars I think that includes shipping and handling they're not too expensive but if you want to make one on your own there's several good guides you can find online you could just look up DIY probe or make your own probe 3 anything like that and you'll be good to go so you won't need one of those oh and the final thing for a light on Drive in order to get into it this is the only one you need to do this so don't worry if you have any of the other drives but if you have a light on Drive you're going to have to flip it over at one point when you're pulling the drive key off of it and you need to unscrew the four Phillips head screw drivers that are on here so for this you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver I don't know what the head number is on it but you will need to partially take apart of your drive but it's very easy none of these drives require any soldering or anything really hard for that matter so don't worry about that but those are all the tools I use for my flat jobs whenever I flash drives now as I said this is my way of flashing drives not everyone's going to want to do this not anyone's want to spend all that money and I completely understand that that's why I'm also going to show you the cheapest way to flash drive which is what I used to do at one point so all you really need for this aside from the light on the light ons you still need a probe okay you will still need a probe for a light on Drive that is the only one that needs that and of course a screwdriver to take it apart but aside from that for any of the other drives aside from using I guess a CD technically on that one the only other thing you will need is a SATA cable if you want to do it like this first off you must have a desktop PC and second you're going to have to use the motherboard on there you're going to have to open up your PC find if you have a SATA connection on there hopefully you do you need to hook up the SATA cable to the master SATA port otherwise known as say 2 0 or it might even be stated 1 if you don't have a SATA 0 normally you have a prefabricated PC it is where your hard drive has already been hooked up by the company that built it if it's something you built on your own then it might be one it might be a different color it might be blue for example normally I see blue for that it might be low your label to say to 0 but you're also going to have to check in your BIOS this one I can't help you with you're going to be on your own for that due to the fact that I'm not going to be covering it that way and every PC is different so I'm not going to be able to help you specifically so second for all of this as I said we have data covered but you're going to need the actual Xbox 360 console for this now what you can do is you're going to need to have first off you need to have a video cable plugged into your EXO actual Xbox because the last thing we want to do is have your Xbox 360 turn off while it is flashing and speaking of power we're also going to need your 360 hooked up to the power so you're going to need it hooked up somewhere and you're going to have to turn on your Xbox so I don't have it turned on but we'll just turn it on and then have an HDMI cable or an AV we'll just plugged in that is just to ensure that the Xbox will not turn off because if you keep it on long enough without any video output on it it will turn off I'd recommend just using the video slot because sometimes the Xbox won't want to boot if you have an HDMI cable plugged in it's not plugged into a TV or a monitor so I recommend just using the actual AV port right here but you will need that and then what you can do hypothetically is take your drive like so and hook it up to the power right here now you're going to want to do this while your Xbox is still off and then instead of hooking it up to the SATA port for data right here you're going to want to take your SATA cable your spare one that you have and hook up this end to your motherboard on your PC and that way you'll be able to flash your drive from there even turn on the system and then you can get into jungle flasher check to see what your drive is and then you can start flashing from there now this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to flash the drives and all however if you have any troubleshooting on here if you're doing it this method you're going to probably have to look it up online again as I said I'm going to be using the X 360 USB pro which if you want to flash a few drives I highly recommend because it is great and I've had a PC that was great for flashing by a motherboard however the PC that I have that's custom built it cannot flash at all through SATA it will crash it will freeze up and it is just a completely unsafe process so that is why I ended up investing in this tool right here but that is the cheapest way of doing it honestly you can use an existing SATA cable that you have in your computer it's not up to anything important or you can buy one off eBay like two for $0.99 if you buy these at Best Buy or any other store it's like one of them for twenty dollars so I don't recommend that anyways now that we have all the tools situated for what we need and now let I have kind of given you a rundown on this let's go ahead and get into flashing the actual drives alright everyone so this is what you're going to need to do so first off now that we have all the hardware underway we're going to go on to get the software underway so first you want to come over here to jungle flasher dotnet and you want to come over to downloads and be downloading jungle flasher this is the best program that you can use for flashing honestly but right now the latest build is zero point one point nine for beta 320 you're going to just want to download that and you should be good to go next we need the firmware because jungle flasher does not come combined with any firmware so I'm going to have all the download links for these down below just check the links in the description but we're going to want light touch three right here so you're going to want to just pull it off here next we're also going to want light touch three for Hitachi drives if you're doing that and finally if you're on Windows 7 or a 64-bit operating system I'm currently using Windows 7 64 bit professional you're going to want to use drivers signature enforcement override err if you are doing it through direct motherboard hookups if you're using the X 360 USB Pro like I am you will not need this so now that you have everything downloaded I'm going to show you all what to do alright so first off right here I have all these downloaded so we're going to want to go ahead extract our rar file for jungle flasher and just extract everything so extract light-touch 3/4 hitachi and then extract latest i extreme now what you want to do is you want to come over to latest I extreme go into firmware right here and grab everything and I'm just going to completely cut it and move it out and then go over jungle flasher firmware and place it in there as it says place for more here next you want to do the same thing with your hitachi firmware so you want to come over here grab everything so just cut it and then go back to jungle flasher firmware and paste it in there so now you should have every variant of the firmware on hand and you should be good to go second you want to come over to lib USB copy over this dll file this is all in Jungle flasher and paste it in the root right next to jungle flasher exe second you want to do the same thing with Portillo you're gonna have Portillo 32 and Portillo 64 you want to copy both of these and paste them out here these are going to be also if you are doing the direct motherboard hookup as I said once you have all these you should be able to on jungle flasher like so and you should be good to go now sometimes it takes a little bit to come on but right here it's giving me this air because I haven't disabled my driver signature enforcement override or I haven't enabled it whatever you want to call it but I'm using USB for this so this is irrelevant for me so I really don't care too much okay yeah it likes to bring up some air sometimes that's because I have nothing hooked up right now on my computer but as you can see this is going to be jungle flash right here I will show you all how to use everything but you should be good to go on this if it runs you should be okay now there's going to be two things I need to mention I'll just exit out there number one if you're flashing your xbox right now go ahead and update your system update to the latest console update available or at least something higher like something in the 15000 series right now the way you can check is you can just go into your system settings and you could check from there and see what kernel version you're running but at the moment right now may 18 2010 203 so you.

Want to update to something like that and you should be good to go because at one point Microsoft ended up reflashing a bunch of drives and they did a whole mess of things with the firmware so just go ahead and be on my level with this and we'll be ok second before we start this up if you are using 64-bit OS this is what you want to do you want to download this program as I said driver signature enforcement override er version 1.3 B and you want to double click this exe run it and I'm not going to do it here just because I really don't need it but right here you want to hit next you want to hit yes and then you want to hit enable test mode and then from here you're going to hit next and from that you want to restart your computer and when you restart your computer in the corners it's going to say that Windows 7 is running in test mode and it might take a bit longer to boot up out of BIOS however if it says that you're in test mode that means that you were able to flash or drive through Windows 7 64 bit native and you should be good to go so once you're all set up with that let's go ahead and hook up our first drive and start flashing all right everyone so first off we are going to be flashing a Samsung Drive so if you don't already have your drive hooked up and powered and this what you want to do you want to go ahead open up jungle flasher not the text file like I just try to do become a nose goofed on me but you want to open up jungle flasher right here and as you can see there are no airs that came up this time that is because I have everything hooked up and we're good to go so first off what you want to do for a Samsung Drive as you can see I have it on a USB only I only have one port selected and if you have your drive on but it's not reading on here and you're sure you're doing everything right to go ahead and hit this little ellipse right here and it will load up everything now I'm going to be showing my drive keys on here honestly this really doesn't matter too much because these are systems that I either don't have anymore or I just don't care about too much so more than likely caught probably broken systems or just an old out DVD keys but it doesn't matter too much anyways as you can see right here it shows everything on here TSST Corp that's just Toshiba Samsung has an MS 28 and right now I already dumped this once but if you have never dumped your DVD key it will say unverified and there will be a grey key instead of a gold key right there what you want to do for Samsung is you want to come over to em TK flash 32 hit Sami unlock and you want to read this right here now I don't have custom firmware on this drive well I I might I'm not 100% sure honestly but I definitely don't have an older version of I Xtreme so if you have a older version of I Xtreme definitely read this I have had to do this on one system but if you don't even just go ahead hit yes to proceed on here as you can see does stage 1 stage 2 and you now have your drive in vendor mode now this what you want to do you don't want to mess with any of these ok just do not mess with that trust me what you want to do is you want to hit read and it is going to read over your firmware now the Samsung drives take the longest to flash it's not too bad but you have to write every piece on there bit by bit so what we want to do is we just want to come over to our flashing folder which I'll navigate to alright so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to create a folder just call it drives and here I'm just going to call this Samsung here you want to save your official what are your original firmware right there and what it brings this up do you want to auto load light touch plus you hit yes now as you can see I already have light touch plus on this drive so it really doesn't matter too much but it's going to be the same thing the only difference is if you're running stock is just going to tell you stock firmer but you want to make sure it's light touch version 2.0 one for this also you want to save your drive key manually so you hit save drive key and you just want to save this key dot bin finally you want to save to file your custom firmware which is right there you hit save come back to empty K flash 32 and right now what it's doing is it's just going to erase your chip don't worry it's not going to kill your drive or anything it sounds a lot worse than what it is but as you can see it's now slowly riding so I'll go ahead shut up and let it right over alright so as you can see right here is now done writing everything it takes a bit to do but it's not too bad and here it does the flash verification test essentially it reads your drive firmware over again just to make sure that it's integrity is stable and that everything is good to go so now it says that right verified is ok that's great the final thing you want to do is outro slash ata reset you must do this you must do this but hit outro slash ATA reset it will send the vendor outro and as you can see we are back on tsst Corp instead of vendor mode which is exactly what we want and your drive key is now verified so you're good to go now if it doesn't work like that when I would do it direct motherboard sometimes I would do Alto such ata reset and it wouldn't let me do anything it would just bring up nothing here so normally what I had to do is I would have to do that and then turn off and turn on my drive and I was good but once you have that congratulations you just flash the Samsung Drive so let's go on to the next drive alright so right now we're going to do Hitachi drives now if you have a 79 Drive like me you have a 79 drive first you're gonna have to burn off a 79 unlock CD sometimes you might not need to do sometimes it would just automatically unlock but it's always good to have that on hand so what you want to do right here is you want to come over to Jungle flasher again Hitachi GDR 31 20 and right here it says 79 unlock you want to click this button while this link where it says insert the 79 unlock audio CD you click that and it will bring you to a link where it will automatically want you to download 79 unlock drawer you want to go ahead and save that and I'm going to show you everything on here we want to come back go over to 79 unlock rar extract that go over here over here and you're going to have a bin and a cue file in a CD T now what you want to do is if you have image burn already installed which it's a free program I highly recommend using it to burn your discs go ahead open up image burn right here open up the cue sheet and then have your disc that you want to burn now what we're gonna do is you just need a regular CD or it doesn't matter what it is it can be as cheap as can be and you just want to burn that over alright everyone so now that you are on the Hitachi section you have a 79 Drive as I said make sure you burn off that 79 unlock disk now this way you want to do once you're in Jungle flasher go ahead and come to hit og everything is loaded right here you want two hits in mode B and normally you have to do all of this go ahead and read it but since I have an X 360 USB pro I'm normally able to just bypass it so I'm just gonna hit OK right there now once it hit says mode be done and everything is brought back you're in mode B now what you need to do is go ahead open up your drive from here and load up that 79 on market disk this is what we're going to have to do to make the drive flash ball if you have a 79 Drive alright so I've just loaded up I'm just waiting a few seconds but once you wait you just hit 79 unlock one time and if it fails to read that's just because it's having issues sometimes my drives a little bit wonky right here and you just have to spend a few seconds with it but you can just hit it again as you can see it plays it pauses and it ejects it once your driver jex it should be unlocked you're good to go now what you want to do first off is you want to dump your drive so you select dump Drive and read to source so we're going to come over here and call this hit 79 we're going to save the official firmware right there and we want to save our drive key as well now what you want to do over here is come back to Hitachi and hit flash light touch plus so you want to hit flash light touch plus and it brings this up right here flashing stability tests report stable do you wish to continue you hit yes now you just wait a few seconds it flashes over your sectors and as you can see read back and compare completed write verified flash completed if flash is completed all you have to do now is you can just go ahead what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go ahead pull out the disk and then close the tray and you can go ahead and restart it and you should be good to go all right so what I did I just power cycled my drive and I'll even check it on here but everything is good to go if everything is stable congratulations you just flashed over your Hitachi so it was easy as that next we're going to go flash the BenQ drive alright everyone we got two drives down and we got two more to go so our third drive that we're going to be exploiting will be the vin cue drive so first off you need to load it up we have a VAD 6038 right here and this way you want to do first you want to come over to M TK flash 32 which will be on jungle flasher you want to hit Ben Q unlock it's going to unlock your drive real quick by sending some magic keys over and wait a few seconds there we go so as you can see we are in vendor mode now what you want to do is you want to read over your flash so that's just going to dump over your drive firmware and then what you can do from there is you can go ahead pull off your drive key and then make a custom firmware out of it so right here I already made a Ben q folder you want to hit save for the official firmware yes for auto load light touch plus as you can see I already have light touch 3 on here which is the latest revision but you want to go ahead and save over your drive key save over your custom firmware and then you want to come back to MDK flash 32 hit write it's going to erase your chipset which sounds a lot worse than what it is but it's all good it's all safe it's going to write over really really fast compared to what we were doing with the Samsung now as you can see once that's written over we're just going to have it flash verification test and it's almost done reading bank three and there we go right verified okay once it says that you hit outro slash eighty a reset and it's going to bring you back to this screen now sometimes it might say it doesn't find your DVD key that's not a huge deal but that's it congratulations you just flashed a BenQ drive now let's go ahead and finish this off with the light on all right everyone now I'm going to be making this quick video right here that I'm just going to splice in this is a light on Drive that I just took apart now this what's going to look like you're going to need upside down and you're going to need your SATA and your power hooked up now you're going to need that probe three and this how you want it hooked up you want to decide with nothing special on it hooked into your CK three or your Xbox itself your Xbox motherboard and right here going to the drive you want the part that has the actual probe tied into it along with the button right here so this is the point you're going to be probing I will show you all right here it says mxp zero one and I'll even probe it like so you just can be probing it like that that's about it really so I'm going to show this on camera don't worry but I'm just showing you all just so you're familiar with this this is what your drive should look like it's pretty simple but it does look intimidating at first alright hey everyone so this the last drive that we're going to be messing with it is the light on and I hope for this you all enjoy the little picture on picture commentary that I'm showing here so I'm going to have this in the corner just so you can see what I'm doing at least for extracting the key so if you look in the corner right now I have my probe three that is hooked up and the light is on that means it's all powered it's all good to go now this what you want to do on jungle flasher you want to come to DVD key 32 and first off you want to hit fat key and wait a few seconds now it's going to give you this empty cave in your intro failed now this what you want to do you want to follow the on-screen instructions but by probe 3 cable right here when they say the button they're talking about this little button right here so what we're going to do is we're just going to turn it off probe our point turn it back on so as you can see don't lift it but the light is still on right there and hit yes if you hit yes it should immediately give you that now abstract complete complete excuse me to ensure to continue you must ensure probe is removed power off drive wait five seconds power on press okay so by power off drive we're going to actually cut the power to it right here so if you're using an Xbox as power you're just going to have to unplug the drive directly just do it carefully but unplug the power and then plug it back in while the Xbox is still on do not turn off the Xbox I repeat don't turn it off if you're doing that but it's what you want to do you pull off the probe turn off the drive one two three four good enough turn it back on and hit okay now as you can see we got our key right here drives we're going to come here go to light on save our key save our inquiry save our identify save our serial save our dummy and you want to hit all yeah auto load light touch plus hit yes right here now this is just a BS DVD key because this had 800 firmware on it and now here's the thing if it's showing light touch plus one point one like it's showing right here you're going to want to open up your target firmware sometimes it will do this you want to come to flashing you want to go over to your firmware where you loaded it up and I need to remember what exactly it is but you can just find whatever your version 3 is right here all right now that was just a little issue I ran into and that issue was just there due the fact that I was flashing from a 800 firmware so right here we're just going to be flashing light touch 3 I just had to make sure that it was the 16 d 2s and the revision numbers really aren't going to make a huge difference because on these later firmwares on later dashboards everything became 1 firmware so this what you want to do also save over your drive key and I'll show you actually what to do if you're in situation like that so we can go ahead and go back over to our drives go to light on go over to our key actually already had the key saved my bad go to manual spoofing load and flashing drives light on key pull the key over there go okay hit save to file save that you want to come over to em TK flash now and now that's what you're going to want to do now make sure you're going to do this I'm just going to show you all right here you're going to want to do this just so you don't break your light on and if you do break it on accident it's cool it's very easy to unbreak but again if you're using an actual xbox for this just go ahead unplug your drive and replug it just on the power right here we're going to be using this as our power if you're looking at the picture in picture so this is what you want to do you want to hit light on erase and when it brings that up you want to hit yes and as soon as you see the little dots right here just the little periods start going on screen you want to just restart your drive real quick so you hit yes you hit yes it yes again turn it off turn it back on really quick as you can see it turned at zero zero now at 72 and there we go our drive is in vendor mode perfect you want to hit overwrite it's going to erase your chip right now it's going to write over your firmware now once it writes over your firmware it's just going to verify as before and then you should be good to go and now they are still in vendor mode but it's been flashed over you hit outro slash ATA reset it brings you back to this screen right here and as you can see you now have a flashlight on so that's about it everyone anyways I hope this tutorial has really helped you all out I believe in you know making this information free and all that I want to help out people when I can so anyways that's about it for flashing your drives you should now be good with flashing any bats xbox drive this mr. Mario signing off thank you for watching everyone by.

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