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Again Nougat 7.1 on GALAXY S2 I9100 - Long time review Resurrection Remix-N-v5.8.0

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Rom Thread :


Thanks to GreekDragon DEV from XDA

- i did a wipe factory reset before flash.

- i didnt flash gapps during this review.

for me, and its not the first time, i have to force reboot at first boot after flash. Device, sometimes, never boot without force reboot, during the 1rst boot after flash and ss you can see, i let the device on bootanimation a long time before i decided to force reboot, so sory for this long time review again.

Never imagine I9100 runing Nougat ? its not the only rom based on 7.1 for S2 actualy , we have AICP and CM14.1

AICP thread : thanks to GreekDragon again


CM14.1 thread : thanks to the great team SerenityS and rINanDO.



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